Matt Dillon Net Worth

Who is Matt Dillon and what is his net worth 2018? Matt Dillon is acknowledged as an American based actor as well as a film director. He noted his feature film based debut in Over the Edge (released in year 1979) and recognised himself in form of a teen idol by featuring in films like Little Darlings, My Bodyguard, Rumble Fish The Outsiders, Tex, and The Flamingo Kid. Net worth of Matt Dillon is grossed mainly from his career as an actor and film director, get more details below:

Born in New Rochelle, located in New York, Dillon’s parents are Mary Ellen, known as a homemaker, and Paul Dillon, known as a portrait painter as well as a sales manager for Union Camp, i.e. bear toy producer. The actor’s paternal grandmother was actually a sister of comic strip artist named as Alex Raymond, known as a maker of Flash Gordon.

Matt Dillon Net Worth 2018-2019

It is known that Dillon is born as second of six children having one sister as well as four brothers, one of them is actor named Kevin Dillon. Mainly he is of Irish origin, through part of Scottish as well as German origin. Moreover, he was brought up in a close-knit type Roman Catholic based family in Mamaroneck, located in New York.

It was in year 1978 that Jane Bernstein as well as a friend was assisting director named Jonathan Kaplan to feature the violent based teen drama entitled Over the Edge when they identified Dillon skipping class. Dillon gave audition for a character as well as and made his debut in that movie.

This movie gained regional, limited type theatrical release back in year 1979, as well as it earned slightly more than $200,000. The actor’s performance was received well, which directed to his featuring in two movies launched in next year. These films are teenage comedy entitled Little Darlings, in which Kristy McNichol’s role drops her virginity to a guy from camp over the lake, performed by Dillon, and more serious teen dramedy entitled My Bodyguard.

Additional of his early roles was featured in Shepherd PBS special entitled The Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters. The available prints of this film are saved at UCLA, in which a lawful dispute lets it unobtainable to public.

It is found that one of his following roles was done in Liar’s Moon, in which he performed as Jack Duncan, known as a poor Texas boy extremely in love along with a wealthy banker’s daughter. During early 1980s, he too got prominent roles performed in three versions of S. E. Hinton based novels: Tex, The Outsiders and Rumble Fish.

All these three films were filmed in Tulsa, located in Oklahoma. In year 2002, he worked to write as well as he directed film entitled City of Ghosts, featuring himself, Gérard Depardieu and James Caan. In year 2005, he was featured in Factotum, known as a film version of an autobiographical contribution made by Charles Bukowski.

Dillon too featured in many music videos throughout his career. Also, he did cameo based appearance in form of a detective playing in Bad Girl based music video which too features Christopher Walken.

Matt Dillon Net worth

Matt Dillon is chiefly acknowledged as an American based actor as well as a director possessing net worth of $45 million. He created his film debut during his early age in “Over the Edge” in year 1979. He worked to feature in “My Bodyguard”, “Little Darlings”, as well as “The Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters”, adding to his income. During this point of time, Dillon had started to become popular by teenage audience as well as started many famous roles in 1980s, comprising “Tex”, “The Outsiders”, “Rumble Fish” and “The Flamingo Kid”.

Matt Dillon started working behind his acting roles when he was a teenager, suggesting his dedication and zeal towards acting. Moreover, he worked prominently in 80s and 90s films and its adaptations, gaining substantial fame.