Marlon Yates Net Worth

Who is Marlon Yates and what is his net worth 2018? Marlon Yates Jr. is a film actor and a famous celebrity. He was born on 19 September in 1987 in Los Angele, CA. While in his childhood, he grew up in the South Central area of Los Angeles. He has two brothers and also a sister, and the young Marlon grew up with his siblings during his early days. Although he holds nationality of America but he have ethnicity of Afro-American as he belongs to both.

He believes and feels blessed to say that his parents has raised him up with immense care and compassion. Even his mother was so broad minded and an acceptable one and also raised him with a strong heart that she took him to get his very first tattoo when he was just 12 years old.

Marlon Yates Net Worth

Marlon carries a huge number of followers on his social media profiles. He carries a great amount of love and passion for youth and also wants to create after school programs and artistic outlets for the youth in the inner city community, he is looking forward to start it soon. He is a great lover of music and loves hip hop music much more.

Marlon Yates Net Worth

Marlon Yates currently holds a total net worth of $1.8 million, that he has earned all through his hard working acting career. As he has been in film industry only since two years since 2015 so he has not grabbed much net worth yet. But it can be seen clearly that in such short time he has earned a handsome amount of net worth yet.

Marlon Yates has not got married yet. But the actor is dating his girlfriend Shaunie O’Neal since a very long time. Shaunie O’Neal got married to Shaquille O’Neal and the couple have five children together but they later got separated in 2007 and were got officially divorced in 2009. Shaunie O’Neal is the creator of VH1 TV series Basketball Wines. As a matter of fact Shaunie and Marlon carry an age gap of twelve years and the woman is elder than Marlon with the same count.

Despite a series of many ups and downs and many problems the dating couple managed to continue their relationship for a span of five years. It was being assumed that they might get married soon after such intense relation. But they were busy in their own career work and not focusing more on their personal lives. May be due to some issues, they broke up and got separated. Last October in 2016 they finished off their relation and Shaunie officially announced it saying that their relationship doesn’t exist anymore now. There were many rumours about their break up before their actual separation, and Shaunie confirmed the truthiness of the news officially later on.

Career: Acting career of Marlon took off in 2015, that is when he step his foot in the film industry. He firstly appeared in the TV movie ‘Will to Love’, but his first movie didn’t’ gained much attention and love form viewers and was not very successful. After doing biopic ‘Straight Outta Campton’, Marlon got high attention and fame. This proved to be his blockbuster movie and his role of a platinum recording actor ‘The D.O.C’ was outstanding in it.

Afterwards, he also appeared with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in MTV movie awards 2016. But yet he has been in two films only and looking forward to more films with more success, as it is just his beginning. He also appeared in some endorsements with McDonald’s, Hyundai and also with Nike.

We are looking forward to his new movies and more excitement. The actor is on full role of doing more hardworking in his acting and gaining more success in film industry. He is also engaged in photo shoots and doing endorsements nowadays.