Malik Yoba Net Worth

Who is Malik Yoba and what is his net worth 2018? Mark Yoba was born in the Bronx, New York as a fourth of six children. He was from the middle-class family in the Bronx, and he has African and American descent. Mark Yoba was interested in acting since he was a small boy, and he was so keen to act that he finally made his debut in 1993, where he appeared in TV series “Where I Live” and movie “Cool Runnings”. He became famous for starring in New York Undercover and Cool Runnings television series. He was starring the role of Vernon Turner on Fox drama series. He was also a singer working from 1993 in various contexts.

He was married to Trisha Mann, a model, and actress and they became parents of a daughter Dena. They were dictated as a perfect, successful couple with affection and love towards each other.

Malik Yoba Net Worth

However, they divorced and in late 2003, which shocked their fans from all around the world. He got married again for the second time with Cat Wilson, a popular actress, and producer. He is a father of two from Trisha and the third one with Cat Wilson.

Malik Yoba Net Worth

Malik Yoba has estimated net worth of $3.5 million. With his work on New York Undercover, he became famous and critically acclaimed which helped him in future projects and movies. He earned three NAACP Image awards for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

He was also accomplished singer and actor on films. He had a lead role in Cool Runnings and Criminal, Fisher in Where I Live, as a bounty hunter. Since the beginning, he has worked on both film and television projects, such as crime dramas Thief and Raines and various guest-starring and recurring roles in CSI, Nikita, Person of Interest and much more.

First, he married and divorced Trisha Mann, a model, and actress with whom he lived and had two beautiful children. After the divorce, he was remarried with Cat Wilson in 2003. They were together more than three years after she filed a separation process. Malik Yoba stated that he never knew that divorce can happen so soon.

He was thrown out from her house and returned to Brooklyn. It was speculated that he was with another girl in a club and that Car Wilson found out about that through pictures. Even though that was just a speculation, they got separated after three and a half years of marriage.

He was seen in 2009 with his new girlfriend, Terry Barbosa, and they stayed out from the public. They were together also until 2011, however, he didn’t want to get married again. After a few separation, he has lost interest in the relationship. In few interviews, he stated that he had regrets and that his most precious beings are his children.

Also, there was a rumour that he had a relationship with a co-star Michael Michelle, however, he ignored the question and the rumour is still frequent among them because he didn’t comment or denied this question.

In the early ’90’s, he became very popular on TV shows and Broadway, however, when he was 15 he survived a gunshot wound and after that, he changed his life goals. As the youth activist, he took a guitar in order to empowerment high school students. When he appeared on Oprah he talked about how youth are the future and that they cannot live on the other side of the law. In one interview he spoke about rap music as an especially significant force that could become an entry point for young minorities. He became aware that his only goal is to help young people, so he continued with motivational messages in order to make young people think.

Malik Yoba is one of the few actors that are not involved just in acting, but in singing and what is maybe the most important in youth activism. His net was estimated around three million dollars, however, his proclaimed life of an actor will give him more ammo in later years. We can expect from him everything.