Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth

Who is Lou Diamond Phillips and what is his net worth 2018? Lou Diamond Phillips is an American actor and director who was born on February 17, 1962, in Subic Bay Naval Station, Philippines. His breakthrough role as Ritchie Valens was in the film “La Bamba”. He went on to garner a supporting actor Golden Globe Award nomination for his role in “Stand and Deliver”.

He is the son of Lucita Umayam Arañas and Gerald Amen Upchurch, a crew chief on a C-130 in United States Marines. His father was American of Scottish-Irish and one-quarter Cherokee descent, and his mother, a native of Candelaria, Zambales, is Filipina, with distant Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, and Spanish ancestry. Phillips was named after Marine legend Leland “Lou” Diamond.

Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth

When his father died, he took his stepfather’s name “Phillips” as his own. He was raised in Texas, where he attended Flour Bluff high school in Corpus Christi, graduating in 1980. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a BFA in Drama.

He has appeared in several productions, for which he is also recognised. Lou Diamond Phillips appeared in “Stand and Deliver” and for his role in it, he was nominated for the Golden Globe Award within the class for Best Supporting Actor. Lou Diamond Phillips appeared in “The King and I” and for his role in it, he was nominated for a Tony award. Other films that add up his fame are “Courage Under Fire”, “Love Takes Wing” and “Che”. Thus, these films have had given him great value as an actor.

In the 90s, Lou Diamond Phillips found it tough to get any major acting jobs as he was stuck with mediocre movies, like “Harley”, “Sioux City” and “Shadow of the Wolf”. In 1996, he got a successful role in the film named as “Courage Under Fire”. During this film, he appeared with Meg Ryan and Denzel Washington.

In 1996, he appeared on the stage on Broadway where he was chosen for the role of the King in the play referred to as “The King and I”. In 2001, he appeared in a couple of episodes of the show named as “24”, where he appeared along with his great friend, Kiefer Sutherland. Thus, these mentioned appearances of him have added up to the net worth of Lou Diamond Phillips.

Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth

The total of Lou Diamond Phillips net value is around $7 million. Lou Diamond Phillips has earned his net value through several acting jobs, however, he’s additionally referred to as a director too.

When he gets free time, Philips is often found, taking part in poker. He’s an avid poker player, and he got serious with the sport in 2009 when he competed in California state Poker championship where he was ranked in the top forty out of four hundred contestants in the World Series of Poker. This success brought additional interest in him for the game and he then tried his hand in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas where he earned a good amount.

Phillips is a very good human by heart. In 1993, he was acknowledged for his dedication towards ending world hunger, and he was rewarded with the Oxfam America award.