Lee Mack Net Worth 2019

Who is Lee Mack and what is his net worth 2019? Lee Mack is a well-known English stand-up comedian, actor, and a writer. He is best known for the famous British television sitcom, “Not Going Out” on BBC channel which is written and starred by Lee Mack himself. He also appeared on BBC one’s comedy panel show, “Would I Lie to you”. The famous British comedy series ‘They Think It’s All Over’ was also presented by Lee Mack. Lee has done many guest appearances and hosted number of famous TV series. As a result, he was rewarded with plenty of nominations and awards. In 2012, lee published his autobiography named, “Mack the life”, which was appreciated worldwide.

Early Life

Lee Gordon McKillop was born on 4th august, 1968 in Southport, Lancashire, England. At the age of 12,, he went through very torrid time, when his parents were separated. Prior to his parent’s separation he used to live above a bar. Then after separation he moved to Blackburn. Directly after leaving school, he worked as a stable boy in a bingo hall. After then, Lee work as a Pontins, Blue-Coat entertainer at holiday resort in Norfolk. Lee has one older brother, Darren McKillop, who was died at the age of 47 with the overdose of anti-depressants tablets.

Lee Mack Net Worth


Lee Mack’s initial steps toward stardom were when he starts working as an entertainer in different resorts. In a very short span of time of 18 months, he became a full time comedian. In 1995, Lee came into limelight, when he won the show “So You Think You Are Funny” in Edinburgh Festival Fringe. After that he was offered to play the part of security guard in the original radio version of “The Mighty Boosh” and BBC Radio 2 also offered him his own radio show called “The Lee Mack Show”.

Lee Mack is a huge Darts fan. He used to play darts with his friend Tim Vine regularly. They also participate in a game show called “Let’s Play Darts”, which is won by Lee Mark. He also wins the title of the most darts number two in one minute for World Guinness Record. Besides Darts, he is a huge soccer fan. He support English football team Blackburn Rovers.

Lee has been married to his long time girlfriend Tara in 2005. Lee and Tara are blessed with three children. Lee lives with his family in Surrey, British Columbia. In 2012 Lee was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Education: Lee went to different schools of Southport like Birkdale Country Junior School, Stanley High School. Then he moved to Everton High School in Blackburn. . Lee is graduated from Brunal University with the degree in television and drama. During his college, Lee did his first live show as a stand-up comedian in 1994 within one two years he was established as a comedian.

Net Worth of Lee Mack

Lee Mack net worth is estimated to be $8 millions. Lee Mack earned $1 million as his annual income. His major source of income is appearance in popular TV series and his live tours. His cameo roles in various TV series also contribute to his Net Worth. He was ranked #12 in the list of UK’s richest comedians.

With hard work comes success and money. This actor has the taste of both. Lee has made good wealth with his hard work. He has owns a mansion in Surroy, British Columbia.

Lee Mack has done exceptional work as an Actor, director, and stand-up comedian. Lee has done many television series like Gas (1997-1998), The Sketch Show (2001-2004), Live at the Apollo (2005-2010), Not Going Out (2006), Would I Lie to You (2007), Have I Got News For You (2008-2011), QI (2008-2012), Never Mind the Buzzcocks (2010-2012), Lee Mack’s All The Star Cast (2011), Duck Quacks Don’t Echo (2014), The Smiths (2014), The Felling Nuts Comedy Nights (2014), and many more. He has hosted very famous series “They Think It’s All Over” (2005-2006).

He also took participate in a charity sports show “Let’s Play Darts” (2015), which is also won by him. Lee Mack is also appreciated by people for his live concerts. His famous live stand-up concerts are “Live” at London’s Bloomsbury theatre (2006), “Going out Live” at London’s HMV Hammersmith Apollo (2010), and “Hit the Rock Mack” at London’s HMV Hammersmith Apollo (2014).

Lee Mack has grabbed many awards and nominations in different categories for his terrific work as a comedian. He has won BAFTA TV Awards for “The Sketch Show” in the category of Best Comedy Programme or series in 2002. He has also clinched British Comedy Awards for “Would I Lie to You” in the category of Best Comedy Panel Show in 2010, Best Male Television Comic for “Lee Mack” in 2012, Best Comedy Panel Show and Best Male Television Comic for “Would I Lie to You” or “Lee Mack” in 2013, Best Comedy Panel Show for “Would I Lie to You”, Best Male Television Comic for “Lee Mack” in 2014.

Apart from that, he has also won RTS Television Awards for “Not Going Out” in the category of Breakthrough Award – Behind the Screen in 2007. In 2007 he has also won Rose d’Or Sitcom awards for “not going out”.

Lee Mack is a good looking actor and a great human being. He never have been in controversies and lived his life in a very simple manner. It has been known that to make someone smile via acting is the toughest genre. Lee Mack had triumphed over this virtue and fans are always keen to see him perform. He tends to mix sarcasm with his humour and create awareness among the masses.