Kirk Cameron Net Worth 2020

Who is Kirk Cameron and what is his net worth 2020? Kirk Thomas Cameron, an American actor is widely recognised for his role as a child actor on Growing Pains (1985–92), a very popular ABC sitcom. Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver from Growing Pains was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards (1987). Later on Kirk Cameron ventured into films such as Father Like Son (1987), Listen to Me (1989), Left Behind Series (2001, 2002 and 2005), Fireproof (2008), Unstoppable (2013) and Saving Christmas (2014). Kirk Cameron was a thorough atheist as a young person, however, in his teens he become a devout Christian.

Let us take an extensive look at the income and wealth of Kirk Cameron. We will soon find out the secret to Kirk Cameron’s net worth, income and more.

Kirk Cameron Net Worth

Early Life

Kirk Cameron was born October 12, 1970 in Panama City, California to Barbara, a stay-at-home mom and Robert Cameron, a school teacher. He has four siblings of whom both Cameron and his younger sister Candace Cameron were celebrated child actors on television.


Kirk Cameron debuted as a child actor at the age of nine in the TV series “Two Marriages” in 1983. But it was in 1985 that Kirk Cameron shot to fame, and became the teenage heart throb and sensation overnight. Kirk Cameron’s career defining role was in the TV sitcom “Growing Pains”, as the troublemaker and adorable Mike Seaver. Following that tremendous success Kirk Cameron appeared in several teen magazines, such as Teen Beat and Tiger Beat. He also starred in the Pepsi commercial that was promoted during Super Bowl XXIV. He also played a guest role in the ABC sitcom, Full House (1987) that starred his sister Candace Cameron.

Kirk Cameron was ventured into films. His film “Like Father Like Son” (1987) was a critical success. His performance in the film was recognised and praised. His romantic film “Listen to Me” was released in 1989. He is also recognised for his role in the Christian film “Left Behind” movie series, where he played the journalist Buck Williams. His recent works include “Fireproof”(2008) and “Unstoppable” (2013), an evangelical-themed film.

Kirk Cameron is also the co-founder of a Christian organisation “The Way of the Master”. Kirk Cameron in the recent times has turned his attention to his faith in Christianity and his family.

Kirk Cameron married his co-actor Chelsea Noble, from the sitcom “Growing Pains”. They together raise six children.

Kirk Cameron won the “Young Artist Awards” (1986 & 1987) for the hit TV series “Growing Pains”, and won the Saturn Awards in 1987 for best “Performance by a Younger Actor” in “Like Father, Like Son”. Kirk Cameron was nominated as the “Best Supporting Actor” for the “Golden Globe Awards” for “Growing Pains”. He also received the “People’s Choice Awards” (1988, 1989) for “Favorite Young TV Performer”. Kirk Cameron also received “Kids’ Choice Awards” (1990), and “Society of World Changers” award from “Indiana Wesleyan University” (2012) for “ Growing Pains”.

Net Worth of Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron’s net worth is $22 million, which he has acquired through acting and advertisement. As a child actor in Growing Pains he earned $50,000 dollar per week. He is also a producer, and an active Evangelical Christian. He is the co-founder of “The Firefly Foundation” and an evangelical ministry “The Way of the Master”.

Kirk Cameron will always be remembered with adoration for his memorable performance in Growing Pains. Kirk Cameron although a very successful child actor, declared himself a “born again” Christian on the sets of “Growing Pains”. In his autobiography “Still Growing” he explained that as seventeen old teenager he had some profound religious experiences that made him turn toward Christianity for the rest of his life.