Kenan Thompson Net Worth 2019

Who is Kenan Thompson and what is his net worth 2019? Kenan & Kel. Saturday Night Live. What unites two people who love two different shows? Kenan Thompson. But who is Kenan Thompson? More importantly, what’s his net worth?

The American born actor-comedian was one of the most popular teenage stars in the country at that time. His humour and acting skills are widely appreciated by audiences seeking rib-tickling performances. Perhaps it’s this charm that got him married to model Christina Evangeline in the year 2011 and as of today, they have a three year old daughter together who was christened under the name of Georgia Marie Thompson.

Kenan Thompson Net Worth

Early Life

Aged 39, Kenan Thompson was born in Atlanta, Georgia on the 10th of May 1978. His acting career started at a very early age. All that and Kenan & Kel. These two shows were his ‘breakout’ shows. From there on, as an actor his fame and reputation only further enhanced. By then, he had become an icon for teenagers across the country.

His next big break was the film industry. While still pursuing an education, he began filming for D2: The Mighty Ducks. Since 1994, he has worked in more than 20 movies and is presently still working on a couple of new releases. His biggest break, career wise was in 2003 when he joined the cast of the famous TV show, Saturday Night Live.

In his nearly 25 year long career, Kenan has performed multiple roles in various TV shows and movies. He began acting at a very young age. The pros of this were definitely seen in his latter years. He had experience and maturity which a lot of actors his age back then lacked. However, because of his relatively early success, throughout his professional career he has constantly been under the radar to perform.

Listing all the movies/TV shows would become a cumbersome process hence, for the purpose of relevance and convenience only his most acclaimed movies/TV shows are mentioned here:

Saturday Night Live
Kenan & Kel
D2: The Mighty Ducks
Snakes on a plane
My Boss’s Daughter
Fat Albert

Kenan has a couple of notable accolades to his name with the most noteworthy being his inclusion in VH1’s 100 Greatest Teen Stars. He placed in at #88.

Net Worth of Kenan Thompson

How much could this young soul have made so far? Kenan Thompson has a reported net worth of approximately $10 million. As an actor, he doesn’t rely too much on endorsements and other such supporting income generating sources and relies solely on acting to fill his pockets.

Kenan Thompson left a mark on teenagers all around the world with his role in Kenan & Kel. He then went on to star at Saturday Night Live, a role that’s not at all easy. He has made that role his. In fact, he set a record for the most number of celebrity impressions ever done on the show, a total of 122 impressions of world renown personalities ranging from the likes of Lance Armstrong to Maya Angelou.