Kassem G Net Worth

Who is Kassem G? What is net worth of Kassem G? Kassem Gharaibeh, recognized by his stage name Kassem G, is an American comedian and actor, best identified for his online content. Kassem G was born on October 10, 1983 in Jordan to an Egyptian mother and a Jordanian father. Gharaibeh lived in Saudi Arabia for a short period of time, later relocated to Florida when he was of age four and then he was brought up in Ventura County, California.

Gharaibeh’s YouTube channel named “Kassem G”, hosts some hundred videos, most remarkably Street Music webseries and the California On, Going Deep. By June 2015, Gharaibeh owns more than 2.6 million youtube subscribers as well as 415 million video views. His secondary channel with name “Kassem Gtwo”, holds over half million subscribers, adding to his popularity gradually. For his work in this field, Gharaibeh won the 2013 Streamy Award for Best Host for performance on California On.

Kassem G Net Worth 2017-2018

Before he got busy with his youtube career, Gharaibeh was serving at a Best Buy and performing stand-up comedy during the weekends, frequently giving performances in small venues such as restaurants and cafe. He obtained the idea to begin making youtube videos when his friend named Cory Williams taken a video that became viral. Initially, after working in retail for long period of 10 years, Gharaibeh lastly quit his job and started making videos as full-time job.

In year 2011 and 2012, Gharaibeh guest hosted the prevalent web series named Equals Three, produced by Ray William Johnson. Also in year 2011, he co-starred in the YouTube film named Agents of Secret Stuff featuring Ryan Higa as role of Mr. Anderson. He had beaten out four other nominees counting Larry King when he won the 2013 Streamy Award for Best Host.

He has performed on the cannabis culture-oriented podcast named Getting Doug With High for six times. His parody sketches with name “Kassem G Presents,” bears one foot in reality, but even draw heavily from the strange updates. Apart from this, there are other successful recurring features like “Going Deep,” and “Street Music.” Gharaibeh explained to Rhett & Link on “Ear Biscuits” how he improved his craft by passing on through the classic YouTube motions and knowing his comedic niche.

Education: Kassem G has completed graduation, however, complete details of the corresponding institute is not yet out.

Kassem G Net Worth

The estimated total net worth of Kassem G is around $4 million US dollars in year 2017. The overall net worth and income of Kassem G have been gathered from his acting, comedy roles, video hosting, his brand endorsements, business deals, etc.

Kassem G Business Model

In year 2009, Gharaibeh co-founded Maker Studios together with Lisa Donovan and Shay Butler. In year 2014, Maker Studios gained a buyout offer from The Walt Disney Company for high worth of $500 million, growing to $950 million if fiscal milestones were achieved. Apart from this, Gharaibeh does man-on-the-street kind interviews with comedy sketches. He possesses 2.6 million subscribers and 410,875,100 views, making himself a business model for coming future deals.

Online video creator-Kassem G is the major stars that many peoplepresent in the advertising industry have never heard of. His enormous global ‘millennial’ following originates from the admiration of his great take on popular culture.

Apart from attending meetings and working on collaborations, Gharaibeh attempted another staple of the YouTube world i.e. vlogging. In this regard, he has stated that it was around that whole time that one could be either just a vlogger or can do something else, but vlogging was quite an easy way in.

Kassem G has recently mentioned in a tweet that it was the worst attempt at jurassic park he have seen ever. He has also promoted the news regarding Comedy Central to watch at the premiere of The High Court with Doug Benson.

Kassem G is one of the greatest youtuber superstars, finely recognized for his online content. Till date, Kasem G made the right people laugh in his primary days of working on youtube. Presently, Gharaibeh has totally improved his unique mode of creating on YouTube — certainly more as a comedian than as a vlogger.