Justin Roiland Net Worth

Who is Justin Roiland and what is his net worth 2018? Justin Roiland is an American voice actor, animator, screen writer, comedian, cartoonist, TV producer and director. He is better known for his voices to ‘Rick and Morty’ the so-called character of the ‘Adult Swim’ animated series of same name, Voice of Oscar of Fish Hooks telecasted on Disney Channel, Earl of Lemongrab of Adventure Time aired on Cartoon Network.

American voice Actor Mark Justin Roiland (full name) was born from Mark and Rebecca on 21 Feb 1980 at Stockton, California. He has one younger sister also named Amy Roiland, who is an actress, fashion blogger and founder and CEO of ‘FashionTap’, an app that makes social media shopping friendly. Justin born with Dyslexia, a reading disorder.

Justin Roiland Net Worth 2018-2019

Justin’s childhood flourished in the Almond orchard of Manteca, California, attended Sierra High School and Manteca High School. Modesto Junior College was his alma mater. After graduation Justin moved to Los Angeles in 2004 which was beginning of new inning of his life.

Justin’s film career came on right track when he got associated with Channel 101, an LA media house. Justin made and acted in several short movies with Channel 101 like ‘2 Girls and One Cup: The Show, House of Cosbys, small role as musician in the series ‘Yatch Rock’. He also worked in the VH1 TV show ‘Acceptable TV’. He played ‘Blonde Craig’ on Comedy Central, The Sarah Silverman Program.

Justin Roiland gave his voice to character ‘Oscar’ in 89 episodes of the animated series ‘Fish Hooks’. He gave voice to many characters on the series Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. Justin is most recognised for Adult Swim animated series ‘Rick and Morty’ for voicing the title characters ‘Rick Sanchez’ and ‘Morty Smith’. Apart from giving voice to title characters, he is also writer, co-creator, executive producer and director of the show. This series has distinction of two nominations of Annie Award in 2015 and Teen Choice Award in 2017.

He voiced for various video games characters, which can be heard in Dota 2, Lego Dimensions, Pocket Mortys, Job Simulator. He also co-hosted the web series ‘Grandma’s Virginity Podcast’. He has also launched Virtual Reality studio, Squanchtendo.

Justin Roiland Net Worth

Justin is undoubtedly a great voice actor. He has produced, created, directed and given voice to many famous toon characters of toon series on television. He is most recognised for his voice to Rick and Morty of Adult Swim animated series, being voice of Oscar on Disney channel’s Fish Hooks, Earl of Lemongrab on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time and Blendin Blandin on Gravity Falls.

Justin is multidirectional artist and has distinction of creating, producing and giving voice to many characters in films, TV series, web series video games etc. Apart from great voice, Justin’s net worth is estimated to be $2.3 million.

Writer, Director, Producer, Animator Justin Roiland is well recognised for his voice. He has produced, created and made live many toon characters by his voice. He is best renowned as the title characters of Rick and Morty of Adult Swim Animated series, which thrilled their admirers by Justin’s voice. Voice of Oscar, Earl of Lemongrab and many are feather in his cap. He was also nominated for Annie Award and Teen Choice awards.