Jonathan Taylor Thomas Net Worth

Who is Jonathan Taylor Thomas? What is net worth of Jonathan Taylor Thomas? An American voice actor, actor, and director, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was born on 8 September 1981. He was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to Stephen Weiss, Father, and Claudine, Mother. His father was an industrial sales manager and mother was a social worker and personal manager. His parents divorced when he was 10 years old. In 2000, he graduated from Chaminade College Preparatory School in California. He later studied Philosophy and history from Harvard University. He later graduated from the Columbia University School of general studies in the year 2010.

He started his acting career with the TV show The Brady’s in 1990. He also made appearances in 3 episodes of “In Living Color”, a comedy series in the year 1991. In the same year, he appeared as Randy Taylor in “Home Improvement” by ABC’s sitcom. He later quit the show in 1998 for his studies.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Net Worth 2017-2018

During the time and after “Home Improvement” he also acted in many films. During this period, he had a few voice actor roles which included the Disney’s “The Lion King”. He also acted in live-action movies – “Man of the house”, “Tom and Huck”, “I’ll be home for Christmas”, “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, “Wild America”, “Speedway Junky”, and “Walking Across Egypt”.

He appeared in a guest role in WB’s “Smallville” in the year 2002 and ABC’s Sitcom “8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter” in the year 2004. In 2005, Thomas appeared in a drama “Veronica Mars”. In 2013, Thomas made a guest appearance on “Last Man Standing” 2nd season finale by ABC’s sitcom.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Net Worth

Jonathan Taylor Thomas net worth as of 2017 is $18 million US dollars. His biggest earnings were from “Tom and huck” of $600,000.

Jonathan was famous for his TV show “Home Improvement” during the period 1991-1998. Some of his films worth watching are: “The Lion King”, “Pom Poko”, “Man of the House”, “Tom and Huck”, “The adventures of Pinocchio”, “Wild America”, “I Woke up early the day I died”, “I’ll be home for Christmas”, “Speedway Junky”, “Walking across Egypt”, “common ground”, “Timothy Tweedle the First Christmas Elf”, “An American Town”, “Tilt-A-Whirl”, “Thru the Moebius Strip”, and “The Extra”.

“The Adventures of Spot”, “The Bradys”, “In Living Color”, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “The Oz kids”, “Ally McBeal”, “The Wild Thornberrys”, “The Tangerine Bear: Home in Time for Christmas”, “Smallville”, “The Simpsons”, “8 Simple rules”, “Veronica Mars”, and “Last Man Standing”.

He also voices acted for two video games – “The adventures of Pinocchio” in 1996, and “Kingdom Hearts II” in 2006.

He was nominated for “Best Performance” and as “Best Young Actor” several times especially for TV shows through 1993-1999. However, he won only 5 awards. He won:

1994 – Young Artists Awards for his TV series “Home Improvement”
1996 – ShoWest Convention: for the young star of the year
1997 – Young Artists Awards for his voiceover in The Adventures of Pinocchio.
1998 – Kid’s Choice Awards: favorite TV actor for “Home Improvement”
1999 – Kid’s Choice Awards: Hall of Fame Award.

Jonathan has reunited with Tim Allen on Last Man Standing. Emma Roberts, a huge fan of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, screamed with excitement at the Kelly Ripa’s show. She also admitted that she had a huge crush on Jonathan and used to redecorate her room walls with Jonathan’s pictures when he was a child actor.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zachery Ty Bryan, Home Improvement stars exhibited brotherly love during the “Dark Tourist” film premiere.

Jonathan is a 35 year old actor, voice actor and director who is still single and has made his way to the hall of fame through his TV shows and films. He was known for his TV series “Home Improvement”. He has many fans and Emma Roberts is a huge fan of Jonathan. He has done well in his career and majorly in TV shows. He has also won many 5 awards for his TV shows. Hoping for more TV shows and films from Jonathan, let’s wish him luck. 🙂 🙂