Jon Lovitz Net Worth

Who is Jon Lovitz and what is his net worth 2018? Making a person laugh is easy, you might say. Making hundreds and thousands of people laugh consistently? What about that? Let’s say, Jon Lovitz is a man with a substantial net worth who has a knack of doing just that. His work sounds simple but let’s not belittle it. Performing for thousands of people with the sole burden of ‘tickling each and every one of their ribs’ is not at all easy. Of course, that was our feeble attempt at doing just that. Didn’t work at all and understandably so.

After reading the introductory paragraph, naturally everybody thinks he is a comedian. Right and wrong. He is more than that. But before delving into his profession, there’s one thing that you should know about him. Now known as ‘Jon Lovitz’, his birth name however is Jonathan Michael Lovitz. He was born in Los Angeles, California on the 21st of July 1957. As hinted above, he is more than just a comedian. He is a multi-faceted individual who has worked a little in Hollywood and has spent some time in the music industry as well. Let’s just say that today he lives a glamorous life.

Jon Lovitz Net Worth 2018-2019

His family however, comes from a slightly contrasting background. Not many sons of doctors have the imagination to grow up to become a comedian but Jon did. In fact, they were immigrants who came to USA to start a new life.

Jon Lovitz’s career began in 1984. In the very next year, he made his breakthrough. Being a part of the cast of the popular American TV show, ‘Saturday Night Live’ for a period of 5 years, completely changed his fortunes. From a nobody, suddenly he was somebody. All this is down to his hard work. While working with the cast of Saturday Night Live, Jon had a number of standout performances.

After his stint with Saturday Night Live, Jon became a recognisable figure in the movie and TV industry. He acted in a number of movies from 1986 right until 2016. Some of the most well known movies would include The Benchwarmers, Hotel Transylvania (voice), Matilda etc. During his career, he acted in a good number of TV shows as well. Although he did star in a few shows, he more frequently tended to make guest appearances.

In 2003, he shifted his attention towards stand-up comedy. By then he already had his own comedy club and podcast theatre. He primarily performed at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, California.

Jon Lovitz Net Worth

After his initial breakthrough in 1985, Jon’s lifestyle changed. It improved drastically. He began living like a celebrity. Over the course of his career, he managed to make a decent sum for himself and his family. Attributing to all of his work in different fields, his alleged net worth today stands at about $14 million.

If you are a stand-up comedy kind of person and have not watched Jon Lovitz before please do watch his performances. His most notable characters include Tommy Flanagan, The Annoying Man and Michael Dukakis. Also, not to forget is Hanukkah Harry but save this for one for the Christmas holidays!