Jon Cryer Net Worth 2018

Who is Jon Cryer and what is his net worth 2018? Jonathan Niven aka Jon Cryer, the famous American actor belongs to a well reputed and established business oriented family. Mr Cryer has not only worked as an actor but he has also contributed to the American film industry as a screenwriter, television actor and much more. In June 2007, Cryer got married to Lisa Joyner who was an entertainment reporter. He was born in the opulent New York City, Jon Cryer is the son of Gretchen Cryer an actress, songwriter, play writer and a singer too.

Early Life

Cryer decided to be an actor at a very small of an age of just 12 years. Cryer is a graduate of Bronx High School of Science and was a batch mate of the world-famous movie director Boaz Yakin. Cryer dropped out of college and started to learn and inculcate acting from a well-known Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts situated in the city of London.

Jon Cryer Net Worth

He was born on 16th April 1965. His father David Cryer was a minister at first and now is a famous actor and a singer too. The nostalgic “Torch song” trilogy which was a play on the Broadway was the first professional acting effort by Cryer. At first, Jon Cryer appeared in a romantic comedy film “No Small Affair” in the year 1984 after which he started getting small roles in both television serials and the movies. After years of deemed determination, Jon Cryer finally got a lead role in “The Famous Teddy” which was a comedy TV series. However, the series was not hit enough and received very deprived reviews and was soon scrapped after the first season.

After a couple of years, Jon Cryer starred in a movie with Charlie Sheen named “The Hot Shots”. Cryer gave auditions for various movies and television serials too but could not make it. It was a turning point for him as now he started producing and writing film stories. After working in few shows as the guest star, Cryer produced and wrote his first film called “Went to Coney Island on a mission”, the movie made its debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 1998 and garnered humble positive reviews that too from the critics.

He got married to his girlfriend Sarah Trigger in 1999 who was then an established British actress. They together had a child Charlie Austin. Unfortunately, in 2004 the Cryer couple divorced. Just after his divorce Jon Cryer made an announcement of getting married to the famed reporter, Lisa Joyner. The couple started a new journey in June 2007 and adopted a daughter in 2009 who was named as Daisy.

He has won various awards for Cinematography in multi camera series, also his very own TV comedy series “Two and a Half Man” won the vivid public choice award for the favourite TV comedy show for over four consecutive years. Apart from this, he worked for the Wells Fargo’s Radio channels as a voice over.

Net Worth of Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer charges a payout of around $650,000 per episode and his calculated net worth is more than $68 million. He is the second richest actor in the television industry, right behind of Ashton Kutcher who is currently earning about $750,000 per episode. Over the next few years, the net worth of Jon Cryer may increase by 35%.

Jon Cryer regardless of his failures stood up in life and today “Two and a Half Man” has successfully aired over 225 episodes, till date. Now, Jon owns a luxury house with an estimated value of around $1.65 million. He also has three luxury cars worth $0.7 million. Hard work & strong will is the only key to success. According to the analysts, the net worth of the actor will never decline.