John Paul Tremblay Net Worth

Who is John Paul Tremblay and what is his net worth 2018? John Paul Tremblay is a Canadian actor. He is best known for the hit Canadian Television show, “Trailer Park Boys”. He played the character, Julian, an ex-convict who is returning home after being released from prison. He has been active in the movie industry since 1995.

John Paul Tremblay was born on January 1, 1968, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He was raised in Dartmouth, Cole Harbor. His “Trailer Park Boys” co-star, Robb Wells was his business partner prior to their starring in “Trailer Park Boys”. They co-owned a chain of pizza restaurants called J.R. Capone’s. he is popularly called JP. His close friends call him Jape.

John Paul Tremblay Net Worth 2018-2019

John Paul Tremblay is married to Andrea Tremblay, an employee manager at Cultural Change Lead. They tied the knot in 2002. The couple has three children named Ricky, Joanne, and Phoenix. He believes in spiritualism. He resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. John Paul has been very private about his personal life, he does not reveal much.

John Paul Tremblay first wrote and appeared in “The Cart Boy” in 1995. He also appeared in “One Last Shot”, a short film he wrote in 1998. He starred in “Trailer Park Boys” in 1999. He has also seen a 2002 film titled “Virgin Run”. The film starred Gabriel Bryne. In 2004, he was seen in “A Hole in One” playing the character, Moe.

He cast in a series of “Trailer Park Boys” short films including “Trailer Park Boys: The Movie”, “Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day”, “MashUpPiece Theatre: The Wire/Trailer Park Boys” and “Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize it”. In 2014, he wrote, directed, and produced “Sweatnet Live” and “Sweatnet: The Movie”.

He appeared in the season one episode 5 of the “Snake and Ladder” series. He also hosted the “East Coast Music Awards” in 2006. He starred in “Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys” in 2008. In 2011, he wrote and produced two episodes of “The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour”. He played a voice role in the season 3, episode 6 of the 2012 film titled “Archer”. He also directed, wrote and produced the movie titled “Drunk, High and Unemployed” 2015.

John Paul Tremblay Net Worth

John Paul has starred in a lot of A-list movies including “Goon”. He has also done a lot of writing and directing. He writes some of the “Trailer Park Boys” scripts. His net worth is $2.3 million. He owns a black Porche and he also owns the residence in Halifax. His source of wealth can be attributed to his career as an actor, director, writer, and producer.

John Paul Tremblay has won two awards and has been nominated nine times. He was nominated by “Screen Nova Scotia Awards” for the “Best Television Series”. He has also been nominated for Gemini Awards six times and he won the “Best Ensemble Performance in a Series” in 2005. He was also nominated for the Canadian Comedy Awards on two occasions and he won the “Best TV Show” for “Trailer Park Boys”.