Joe Swash Net Worth 2018

Who is Joe Swash and what is his net worth 2018? Joesph Swash is well-known as Joe Swash and known as the actor as well as English presenter. Joe Swash was born on 20th January 1982 in Islington, United Kingdom (U.K). He is basically famous for his Mickey Miller role in the BBC One soap opera East Enders and multifarious roles with ITV2.

Early Life

Joe Swash is having a mix background of Irish, Scottish and Italian. Basically, the great grandmother of Joe Swash named Maria Christina was an Italian. Swash was grown and raised in Islington. Ricky Willam, father of Joe was a taxi driver in London but he died because of sudden arrhythmic death syndrome when Joe was just a 12 year old kid. Joe Swash is having two younger sister namely: Caisie and Shanna. All the children were raised by Joe’s mother named Catherine M. After his father’s death, Joe became close to his youngest sister named Shanna as he took a paternal role towards her.

Joe Swash Net Worth

On 16th June 2007, Emma Sophocleous who was Swash fiancée gave birth to the first child of Swash. The first child of Swash was a baby boy who was named as Harry Swash. Thereby in January 2008, the couple got separated. And the very next year in November 2009, Swash was declared to be bankrupt by London’s High Court as he failed to pay the tax bill.

Education: Joe Swash completed his studies from Highbury Grove School located in Islington. Thereby on the advice of actress Linda Robson, who is Swash’s mother’s friend attended Anna Scher Theatre School. Swash attended this school along with Natalie Cassidy, Brooke Kinsella and James Alexandrau and later in his career, he worked with them in East Enders.

Net Worth of Joe Swash

Joe Swash net worth is approximately $250 thousand.

In the year 2003, Joe Swash started his career with a TV serial named East Enders. He worked with this from 2003 to 2008 and in 2011 he again joined the show. In 2008, he participated as the contestant in show named I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Thereby he was a co-presenter in Gimme a Break from 2008 to 2011. In 2010, he was a team captain of the show Hole in the Wall and Minute to Win it in 2011. From 2011 to 2014, he was a presenter or we can also say a narrator in Driving Academy. Now, in 2016 he participated as a contestant in The Jump.

Apart from television shows, he also made guest appearances in multifarious shows from 2006 to till date. He did guest appearance in the show like The Weakest link, Celebrity Juice, The Real Hustle, Celebrity Benchmark, Reality Bites, Pointless Celebrities and many such shows.

Joesph Swash a well-known English presenter as well as actor who is basically famous for his character Mickey Miller. Joesph Swash alias Joe Swash born in 1982, started his career in 2006. A rock steady personality who have seen multifarious ups and downs in his life. Famous personality, who comes from a mix background where he lost his father when he was just a 12 year old kid.

He got his first break through in 2003 from East Enders where his character was Mickey Miler. After this break he became famous. Even though, being such a great personality and working hard, Swash was declared bankrupt twice as he didn’t pay the tax bill but now he is earning well. Joe Swash has performed in various television shows and also have given many guest appearance in different shows and reality shows. Joe Swash was born and raised in Islington situated in Northern part of London.