Jeremy Piven Net Worth

Who is Jeremy Piven and what is his net worth 2018? Jeremy Piven is acknowledged as American actor and producer. This actor is greatest acknowledged for his roles played as Ari Gold in famous comedy series entitled Entourage. For this series, he received Golden Globe Award as well as three successive Emmy Awards. Remove any doubts that you might have regarding net worth of Jeremy Piven as you can get it below:

Piven belonged to Manhattan, born as son of Byrne and Joyce Hiller, both of them worked as actors and drama tutors. Piven was brought up in Evanston, located in Illinois and his upbringing was done in one Reconstructionist Jewish domestic. He performed as Bernardo in West Side Story. While in Illinois, this actor got training at one theatre workshop named Piven Theatre Workshop, established by his parents. Moreover, he too appeared in Drake University, located in in Des Moines, in Iowa, in which he left it after some years in order to appear in one school of arts. It is known that he dropped out from this school in his senior year in order to follow his acting career.

Jeremy Piven Net Worth

Piven’s leading and significant role originated in year 1992 when he transformed as a regular cast associate on The Larry Sanders Show of HBO. In this, he performed as head writer Jerry. Moreover, he resigned from this show while he was in the season two after getting exhausted of performing Jerry as his character was actually not offered majority of a background.

In year 1993, he depicted George Costanza on show-within-a-show based scene shot in Seinfeld episode entitled as “The Pilot”. This actor stayed as a supporting cast member on recent three seasons of popular sitcom entitled Ellen, in which he performed the role of Ellen’s cousin, named Spence. Apart from this, he was too a celeb as well as producer of the brief ABC based dramedy series entitled Cupid as well as he voiced Elongated Man in three occurrences of Justice League Unlimited.

Right from year 2004, Piven attained great success by performing fast-talking, acerbic based Hollywood agent named Ari Gold in famous HBO series entitled Entourage. Later in year 2007, Piven too made appearance in video made for “Drivin’ Me Wild”, recognised as third single accepted from rapper Common’s album seven, entitled Finding Forever. These two were actually co-stars in Smokin’ Aces, as well as made appearance combined during the time Piven hosted SNL in year 2007.

Piven too made appearance in the leading Broadway renewal of Speed-the-Plow by David Mamet, co-starring star of Mad Men namely, Elisabeth Moss as well as Raul Esparza. It is found that its production started preview performances made in year 2008, and the play continued till 2009. After this actor missed many performances, in year 2008, Piven’s rep. declared that because of one secret illness, the actor would be actually terminating his run in play effective instantly.

Apart from acting roles, in year 2009, Piven stayed as guest host of famous WWE Raw wrestling show. Throughout one in-ring based appearance, he erroneously denoted to the wrestling promotion event-SummerSlam as “Summerfest”. In year 2011, Piven mentioned that he was passionate in depicting the drummer from, Keith Moon. Right from 2013 till 2016, the actor performed title role in famous British television drama series entitled Mr Selfridge.

Jeremy Piven Net Worth

Jeremy Piven is greatly referred as an American based film producer as well as actor with high net worth of $23 million. In his career, he too performed many supporting roles in various films. Names of films that gross high income to this actor are “Black Hawk Down”, “Grosse Point Blank”, “Old School”, and “Smokin’ Aces”. It is found that Piven grosses $350,000 from per episode of Entourage.

Jeremy Piven is a dedicated personality who made his name in acting field through his consistent efforts. Apart from acting, he too stayed as a host of many prestigious events and shows as well as he stayed as producer too.