Jeff Bridges Net Worth

The Golden Globes and Academy Awards winner has been turning heads ever since his breathtaking performance in the Scott Cooper adaptation Crazy Heart(2009). The American actor had successfully marked his presence in the acting industry after a series of hits like-The Last Picture Show(1971), Thunderbolt and Lightfoot(1974), Starman(1984), and many such Oscar nominations in the silver screen, which has eventually led to the present net worth of Jeff Bridge to a gracious amount of $75 Million US dollars.

The present net worth of Jeff Bridges has been the result of sheer hard work and acclamation earned through a string of celebrated movies like Heaven’s Gate(1980), Tron(1982), The Big Lebowski(1998), The Fabulous Baker Boys(1989), The Fisher King(1991), Fearless(1993). Hence let us all swivel over Bridges’ majestic 67 years of career and appreciate the tough grind to this net worth.

Jeff Bridges Net Worth 2017-2018

Born on the 4th of December in the year 1949, Jeff Leon Bridges was the son of popular actors Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Bridges. The family resided at Los Angeles,California at the time of his birth, but had relocated later in the Holmby Hills,California. The boulevard to his accomplishment in the acting field had never been hard for him or his elder brother Beau owing to the successful careers of their parents.

Because of his father, he could even have the privilege tour to Anniversary Waltz production house at the age of just 17. In 1967 he relocated himself to the New York City, after completing his graduation from University High School; to fetch customary acting classes from the Herbert Berghof Studio. Jeff Bridges has also dedicated seven years of his life to the United States Coast Guard Reserve since the age of 18.

Jeff Bridges had tied the love knot with Susan Geston in 1977 after having met on the sets of Rancho Deluxe and are blessed with three beautiful daughters.

Apart from devoting himself into acting, Jeff had expanded his knowledge up to Buddhism and had learned Transcendental Meditation too.

Jeff Bridges, at the age of two, had accomplished the first screening experience via The Company She Keeps (1951). He and his brother at a very tender age had made appearances in Sea Hunt(1958–1961) and The Lloyd Bridges Show(1962–1963). Jeff had finally astonished everyone with his dynamical performance in The Last Picture Show (1971), which had led to his first nomination for the Academy Awards. Thereafter, he had elevated more with Fat City(1972) and The Last American Hero(1973).

After performing in genres like Heaven’s Gate(1980) and Tron(1982), Jeff was honored with second and third nominations in the Academy Awards for Thunderbolt and Lightfoot(1974) and Starman(1984), following which he was further cast in hits like The Fisher King(1991) and The Mirror Has Two Faces(1996).

While his journey was enduringly appreciated with a Golden Globe for The Contender(2000), Jeff could finally lift the Academy Award in 2010 for Crazy Heart(2009). He remained in the public attention thereafter for the sci-fi Tron: Legacy(2010), True Grit(2010), and the animated sequence of The Little Prince(2015). Bridges were recently nominated for Golden Globe again for his corroborative role in Hell or High Water(2016).

The 6ft actor was also interested into piano by his mother and his skill was portrayed in various films including some of his own. Besides this, he is also an eminent producer, singer, composer and a spokesperson too.

Jeff Bridges was nominated five times for the Academy Awards and had finally received it on 2010 for Crazy Heart(2009). He had also won a Golden Globe in 2010 for the same film after being nominated five times in his journey till date. Apart from these, the actor had also been honored with ShoWest Convention,USA in 1990, Walk of Fame in 1994, San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2004, Palm Springs International Film Festival in 2010, Prism Awards in 2010, Western Heritage Awards in 2011, Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards in 2016, Santa Barbara International Film Festival (2003, 2017), North Carolina Film Critics Association (2017), New York Film Critics Online(2017) and a few more.

Jeff Bridges Net Worth in 2017

The highly luxurious and all rounding actor, Jeff Bridges has earned huge fame and recognition through the masterpieces he has always been delivering. The 67-year-old actor has been unstoppable with the number of awards and achievements as well as the vast niche he works on, which unquestionably explains the net worth of Jeff Bridges to be $75 Million US dollars estimated as of 2017.

Jeff Bridges strives to work for more projects in the later years and was recently seen in the TV shows of Close Up With the Hollywood Reporter, and had made guest appearances in Conan, Variety Studio: Actors on Actors. However, he has not yet signed any recent movie.