Jean Claude Van Damme Net Worth 2018

Who is Jean Claude Van Damme and what is his net worth 2018? Jean Claude Van Damme was born on 18th October 1960 in Brussels, Belgium. He is well renowned actor and martial artist all over the world. He began his career in martial arts at the age of ten when his father decided to enroll in Shotokan Karate School. He gradually earned the black belt in karate at 18 years of age. He also got a bodybuilding title and he later took up to learning ballet.

What makes him stand out in the crowd is his commitment towards work. He also starred some of the popular martial arts action film including Universal Soldier, Timecop and Hard Target. His career in filmmaking began at a mere age of 22 in 1982 when he decided to pursue his career in Hollywood.

Jean Claude Van Damme Net Worth


Jean Claude Vann Damme’s career began in late 80’s and early 90’s when he started earning $3 to $5 million salary per movie role.

According to the sources on net, Jean Claude Vann Damme is married to Gladys Portuges and is happily married to her. He has two children Kristopher, 1987 and Bianca, 1990. He has been married to four different women till now. He had earlier been in relationships with Darcy LaPier and Kylie Minogue.

Van Damme’s career took a great start after he did a few hit films. Also, in 1980, he got covered by Professional Magazine publisher and editor Mike Anderson. Some of the films include Breaking, No Retreat, No Surrender, Predator. Abbreviated as JCVD, he is a martial artist, Belgian actor, film producer, director and screenwriter. His most popular films include Kickboxer, Lionheart, Bloodsport, Universal Soldier, Hard Target, Double Impact, Sudden Death, The Expendables 2.

Some of his most famous films include Monaco Forever, Bloodsport , Black Eagle and Kickboxer. He got nominated for films like Bloodsport in 1988 and even won a Golden Rasberry Award. Also, in the year 1992, he won MTV Movie Award for Double Impact. In 2009, he won TFCA award for JCVD for best performance as a male. Hence, his numerous achievements in film making make him stand out in the crowd among thousands of other promising actors.

Net Worth of Jean Claude Van Damme

Jean Claude Van Damme net worth accounts to $35 Million. He is a prominent Hollywood star now and endorses many popular brands like Volvo and Coors Light.His fashionable tasteful Maria del Rey, California, United States mansion. ($9.9 million). His films majorly contribute to his increased net worth.

In a nutshell, Jean Claude Van Damme is one of the extraordinary actors in the field of acting. His commitment towards work has influenced people to dream big in life and chase their goal till the last breath. He is a man of action and has achieved indefeasible feats in life within a short span of time. No wonder that he has been acclaimed by his competitors and colleagues from versatile fields.