Jay Ryan Net Worth

Who is Jay Ryan and what is his net worth 2018? Jay Ryan, or formerly known as jay Bunyan is a voracious New Zealand actor. He was born on 29th august 1981 in Auckland, New Zealand. His early life comprises of many ups and downs before achieving stardom through the Australian tele-soap- “neighbours”.

His work as jack Scully was phenomenal. For his looks and talent, he is popularly addressed as “the heart-throb of kiwi”. Let have a quick peek into his net worth, house, and other details.

Jay Ryan Net Worth 2018-2019

Jay Ryan Net Worth

Jay had entered the television industry through a “Y minor role enough Hercules” as Cadet in 1998. The “Young Hercules” had paved his way to many such series and movies since then. His sophisticated way of acting and portrayal of characters is what had gained him name and fame as a versatile actor. Now, after 19 years of his debut, his net worth has come to a constant $5 million. It was only because of his sheer dedication for his work that he was able to achieve a place as a highly sophisticated actor in the TV industry.

In the year 2014, he bagged the Equity Ensemble Award for his Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in the miniseries “Top of the Lake”. Also, in the year 2003, he was nominated for the most popular male talent for his contribution to “neighbours”. It is rumoured that Jay Ryan had rejected a major role in a Canadian action movie for “Neighbours”.

After the rumours of his dating, the gorgeous “Kristin Kreuk” who was paired with Jay in the “beauty and the beast” fans and press became more agitated to know more about the duo chemistry. Later it was revealed that Jay loved “Dianna Fuemana” a voracious New Zealand theater actress. He along with his partner and a daughter- Eve Bunyan, currently reside in Auckland in their own royal abode. Other than this, details are yet to be revealed about Jay’s assets.

He had been working tirelessly since his debut in 1998; he had accepted various miniseries and movies. His works involve:

Jay Ryan Television Series

• Young Hercules (1998)- as Cadet he came as a guest actor in “Keeping Up with the Jasons” –season 1 episode 8.

• Xena: Warrior Princess (1999)- played the role of Zortis in the episode Fallen Angel

• Neighbours (2002-2005)

• Interrogation (2005)

• Sea Patrol (2007–2009) – played the lead role for 39 episodes

• Go Girls (2009–2012)- his work as “Kevin” was highly appreciated

Guest appearances:

• Legend of the Seeker (2010)

• Offspring (2011)

• Baby Bumps (2011)

• Dates, Decisions & Divorces (2011)

• Together, We Are One (2011)

• The Way You Are (2011)

• Behind Closed Doors (2011)

• Terra Nova (2011)

• Proof 2011)

• Within (2011)

Jay Ryan Recent Series and Miniseries

• Beauty & the Beast (2012-2016)- his role as the mutant Vincent Keller was the buzz of the Hollywood town.

• Top of the Lake (2013)

• Mary Kills People (2017)

Also, his works include various movies and Telemovies which are:

• Superfire (2002)

• You wish! (2003)

• Mockingbird (2008)

• Bleeders (2008)

• Franswa Sharl (2009)

• Lou (2010)

Although many rumours started engulfing this kiwi actor regarding his affair with his co-star” Kristin Kreuk”, in “beauty and the beast”, his child with Fuemana revealed his real love for this New Zealand actress. Their family constitutes Jay Ryan, his partner, Dianna Fuemana and his daughter Eve Bunyan, who was born in the year 2013. His works with other co-actresses have rarely affected his love life. Currently, he owns no other business as he is truly devoted to his work as an actor. His recent ongoing miniseries “Mary Kills People” is being considered as a hit and has started accumulating new fans all over the globe.

His career has won many hearts since 1998. His works, be it small or big, received wide appreciation from fans all over the world. Many facts about his personal life are still a mystery to press as well as fans, but it is quite safe to say that this “kiwi heart-throb” will go on making a buzz in the Hollywood with his charms and talent for quite a number of years.