Jason Mewes Net Worth

Who is Jason Mewes and what is his net worth 2018? Jason Mewes is renowned as an American based film and television actor, internet radio show host and film producer. He has performed role of Jay, recognised as vocal half of duo Jay as well as Silent Bob, in long-time friend named Kevin Smith’s movies. Remove your confusion about net worth of Jason Mewes as you can get exact details below:

Mewes birthplace is Highlands, in New Jersey, and he was brought up in a working-class based neighbourhood. This actor never identified his father as well as his mother was an ex-con, moreover he was unknown that they were drug addict. Mewes’ best friend was imminent filmmaker named Kevin Smith.

Jason Mewes Net Worth

Kevin described Mewes in a way that Mewes is a type of person that you know for five minutes and he lashes his cock outside. He added that he was like; someone must put this person in a film. He added that he simply wished to observe if anyone exterior of group of friends perceives him as funny as he actually does.

When working for making a career in roofing, this celebrity started his film debut in year 1994 film entitled Clerks in role of Jay by Smith. The particular film was bug success causing in Mewes turning out closely recognised through role, which he too performed in Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks II and the sequels Mallrats 2 and Clerks III. Moreover, he too delivered Jay’s voice in Clerks: The Animated Series. Also, he with Kevin Smith, did performance in the films namely Bottoms Up and Scream 3 on Canadian based television series entitled as Degrassi: The Next Generation.

The actor too made appearance in two different episodes of a story arch in that he as well as Smith shot a latest addition to Smith’s View Askew based films entitled Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh. They also appeared on Degrassi, at premiere of Jay and Silent Bob go Canadian, Eh? released in Canada. Mewes along with Smith, as well as Degrassi celeb named Stacie Mistysyn created cover of year 2005 issue of Canadian based TV Guide.

Mewes was featured in horror based film entitled Breath of Hate, in which he performed one love interest to a dysfunctional companion. Also, Mewes was co-starred in year 2008 film entitled as Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Moreover, Mewes also co-host one weekly based podcast done with Smith named as Jay & Silent Bob Get Old in which he talks on his prior drug addiction related concerns. This celebrity is co-executive producer on Hulu-exclusive series entitled as Spoilers with Kevin Smith.

It is known that Mewes worked to co-produce year 2013 based animated film entitled Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie along with wife named Jordan Monsanto, founded on famous Bluntman and Chronic comic based book which Kevin Smith composed as an acquaintance piece to movie entitled Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Moreover, Mewes was featured in episode 3 of season six of Hawaii Five-0 in role of Eddie Brooks.

Jason Mewes Net worth

Jason Mewes is chiefly recognised as an actor as well as film producer having net worth of $6 million. He was featured in one series of Nike advertisements which were directed under leadership of Smith in year 1998. It is revealed that he was initially featured in Kevin Smith’s movie entitled Clerks, who was too a good friend of his too.

After appearance in this he attained chance to demonstrate his skill to world as well as appear in spotlight, earning great wealth. It is known that he too performed Jason in Scream 3, Mallrats, and Bottoms Up through which he grossed lots of money. Moreover, Mewes too made appearance on their ad in year 1998 and turned out as a heart throb of numerous people.

Right from film debut in year 1994, Jason Mewes made prominent place in his career. He performed in variety of films like animated, love based, etc. depicting his diverse talents.