James Woods Net Worth

Presently of age 70, James Woods is recognized as an American based actor as well as a producer. This actor is acknowledged predominantly for performing villainous roles, and also he has been featured in wide variety of movies. Names of these movies are The Way We Were, The Onion Field, Videodrome, Once Upon a Time in America, Best Seller, Chaplin, Nixon, Casino, Vampires, Straw Dogs and White House Down. Net worth of James Woods is attained from his two major careers i.e. acting and production, get more details below:

James Woods Biography

Born in Vernal, located in Utah, Woods has one brother who is ten years younger to him. Name of his father is Gail Woods, recognized as an army intelligence officer and he passed away in year 1960 after undergoing routine surgery. Name of his mother is Martha A., who ran a pre-school after death of her husband and afterwards got married to Thomas E. Dixon.

James Woods Net Worth 2017-2018

Woods was brought up in Warwick, located in Rhode Island, the place where he appeared in a high school and completed graduation in year 1965. It is found that he is partly of Irish origin and he was brought up as Catholic, shortly working as altar boy. Woods has once stated that he turned as an actor and credits goes to Tim Affleck, recognized as a stage manager working at Theatre Company of Boston when Woods served as a student here.

Woods was featured in total thirty-six plays prior creating his Broadway based debut in year 1970 at Lyceum Theatre. This was recognized as the initial American based production of Borstal Boy by Frank McMahon. Later, he received the part after pretending that he was basically a British.

He came back to Broadway in next year in order to depict David Darst in The Trial of the Catonsville Nine. Moreover, in year 1971, he performed as Bob Rettie in famous American based premiere of Michael Weller, known as Moonchildren.

Being a leading Hollywood character actor, he has totally featured in more than 130 films. He too appeared in TV series as of year 2013, starting with his leading TV based appearance i.e. All the Way Home in year 1971 as well as his film based debut entitled as The Visitors in year 1972.

Moreover, he is recognized for his dim, penetrating characters as well as villains. Furthermore, he too appeared in one episode of The Rockford Files, performing as a son whose parents got murdered. The actor was initially acknowledged by the Oscars during the time he was chosen for the Academy Award in category of Best Actor for the Oliver Stone drama entitled Salvador.

Apart from this works, Woods has too landed his voice skills to various animated television shows as well as feature films. He gained critical praise on account of his voice contribution made as Hades in year 1997 based Disney film entitled Hercules. Besides, he got Daytime Emmy Award in year 2000 on account of role played in follow-up type TV series for year 1999 season.

How much is James Woods Net worth in 2017

James Woods is renowned for possessing a vivid intellect and challenging IQ Basically, he served as an American based actor attaining net worth of $23 million US dollars as of 2017. The actor created his initial works with performances made on the stages of Broadway, after which many minor parts were followed in film as well as on TV, adding to his income.

Afterwards, he attained fame for his turn made in miniseries entitled Holocaust, with Meryl Streep. Apart from this, Woods too earned by doing voice-over work in famous animated series namely The Simpsons, Family Guy, Hercules and even in a video game entitled as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

James Woods has presently crossed the age of 70 but there is no sign of his retirement as perceived from his career graph. Till now, Woods attained critical acclaim by featuring in many TV and film roles till date.