James Roday Net Worth 2019

Who is James Roday and what is his net worth 2019? James Roday is best known as the lead actor in the Crime/Comedy series named “Psych” and is an actor, director and screenwriter as well. Born on the 4th of April 1976 in San Antonio, Texas, his full name is James David Rodriguez and is Hispanic by descent. Roday’s father is a retired Air Force Personnel and his mother is said to be of English and Irish mixed heritage.

He is an above average actor in the US with a few active projects in progress. The reason for the alteration of his name surprisingly was to have a unique registration name in the Screen Actors Guild.

James Roday Net Worth

Roday took to studying theatre at New York University’s Experimental Theatre Wing. It was here that he earned himself a well-deserved Bachelor’s degree in the Fine Arts. He is said to have dated his lead co-star from the “Pysch” series. He is, impressively enough, the co-artistic director of the Red Dog Squadron. He has and still continues to act in films such as the recent reboot of “The Dukes of Hazard.”

The Three Sisters were just one of the theatrical productions which also included Severity’s Mistress and a Respectable Wedding. He also starred in the New York production of the play named “White Rabbit Red Rabbit” written by an Iranian playwright. Coming Soon, The Dukes of Hazzard and Skin Walkers were all movies which brought him a lot of recognition.

The first two movies saw him star in the movie itself whereas the third movie mentioned above saw him writing the screenplay for with another person. He also wrote and directed a movie named “Gravy” in the year 2013.

To add to his roster of TV credits, he starred in Miss Match” the series aired on NBC, and even the one named “First Years.” But the biggest one by far is the one named “Pysch” where he played the part of a genius detective who uses his mentalist skills to project the image of a psychic.

Following the closure of Psych series, Roday is known to have starred in multiple projects including independent movies and different pilots. The movie “Pushing Dead” really cleaned up with a lot of awards on several occasions, indicating critical acclaim.

James Roday also wrote several episodes fir hit shows such as Rush Hour, Battle Creek, Blood Drive Rosewood.

Net Worth of James Roday

James Roday has a respectable net worth of $4 Million that he has made by acting, directing and writing as well. He continues to make a steady stream of money from actively working on several projects at the same time. 2006 saw Roday being nominated in the category of Best Actor in a Series, for the series named Psych.

James Roday is widely recognised by audiences worldwide to be the funny guy in various serials and movies as well. Being a talented writer ensures him steady employment and revenue that keeps coming. He is an above average comedian who has a lot to offer in terms of acting and writing talent worldwide.