Jake Paul Net Worth

Who is Jake Paul and what is his net worth 2018? Jake Paul is an American artist and well known to many people through youtube. He was born on 17 January 1997. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, United States. He is the son of Pam Stepnick and Greg Paul. He is considered to be an internet personality.

He is a relative of another internet personality who is Logan Paul and he is a famous co-star of the show Lele pons which is famous on Instagram. He his also popular for his nickname “One Take Jake” as he makes difficult scene to look simple and complete them in a single attempt.

Jake Paul Net Worth

Education: Jake Paul was a creative student. He always concentrated on the subjects like art and acting. He was a great stage actor while he was in high school. He attended Westlake High School which is situated in his hometown Cleveland, Ohio. He killed people with his humour. He was an amateur wrestler when he started off as a teenager and he also attended Navy Seal where he was trained. He started a youtube channel when he was 18 years old and his channel reached above 1 million subscribers just in 5 months of time.

Jake Paul Net Worth

Jake Paul is one of the popular internet personality today. Jake paul’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. He has been making a lot of money for a while as he has over a million subscribers to his youtube channel. He is also popular on the other social networking websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and etc. He converts his youtube views into money and this money is a lot of income that he receives from only a small source like youtube. He also has other sources of income.

Jake Paul is one rich youth today and his merchandise has made him popular too. He owns an entire factory which manufactures his clothing and other products. He also has a big house which is shared by his friends and his teammates. He owns a couple of fast cars that are worth of thousands of dollars. He just started his Television career and soon he will feature in some serious production movies. He will be making a lot of wealth and this wealth surely fetches a lot of new assets that which will be added to his inventory soon.

Jake paul grabbed a lot of opportunities his life because of his popularity. He presently works for Disney’s show Bizaardvark where he is cast alongside Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo. He also collaborates frequently with his relative Logan Paul and they make videos for the Youtube and Instagram Channel called Lele Pons. He makes use of his large social media following and converts it into money as he promotes few of the products that he uses in his normal life and gets a good payment for it. He also made many vines video for the popular channels like HBO, Virgin Mobile, and others.

Jake Paul starred in many television series due to his internet popularity. He was featured in Disney’s show Bizaardvark. He also featured in other Films as an independent character. He launched Team Dom with a base price of $1 million dollars which brought a lot of popularity to his teen entertainment and created Influencer marketing management and creative agency around it. He was successful to attract some big investors like Horizons Alpha, Vayner Capital, Danhua Capital, A-Grade Investments, and Adam Zepplin.

Here is the list of television shows and movies he featured in

1) Walk the Prank in the year 2016
2) Bizaardvark in the year 2016
3) Dance Camp in the year 2016
4) Mono in the year 2016
5) The Monroes in the year 2016
6) Airplane Mode in the year 2016

Recently, he broke up with his long-time friend Alissa Violet and they were involved in a big internet brawl. He was nominated for many awards like Short Award Venography and Short Award Comedian. He is a great YouTuber and a television actor.