Jackie Martling Net Worth 2018

Who is Jackie Martling and what is his net worth 2018? Jackie Martling is a famous stand-up comedian and comedy writer. He is also a Radio personality, Actor, Songwriter, Screenwriter, and Film producer. He is very well known for his contribution to ‘The Howard Stern Show’ as a writer. He is nicked as ‘Jackie The Joke Man’. He also performed as a singer and guitarist with the band ‘The Off-Hour Rockers’. Jackie has appeared in several movies and TV shows during his career. In 2001, Jackie became the first comedian in history to perform the B.B. King Blues Club in New York City.

Early Life

Jackie Martling was born on February 14, 1948, in Mineola, New York. His full name is John Coger Martling. Jackie described his father as a natural joke teller. Jackie selected music as a subject when he was in seventh grade. He got his education from Oyster Bay School, New York. In 1971, he studied mechanical engineering at Michigan State University. While he was there, he joined a band as a singer and guitarist. He quit the band and went off to work for a construction company in Denver, Colorado. He worked there for six months.

Jackie Martling Net Worth

Jackie Martling has been in three known relationships so far. Pretty early in his career, he dated Emily Conner. He also had a relationship with Alisha Klass. Jackie has been married once. In 1988, he married Nancy Sirianni. They split after a long time in 2003. He has no children yet and is single right now.


Jackie Martling began his career in a band ‘The Off-Hour Rockers’ in 1979. He performed as a singer and guitarist for them. Sometimes he did solo shows and told jokes in the act. It was in 1976 when Jackie thought of taking stand-up comedy as a profession. He performed on stage for the first time on an open-mic night at ‘Catch a Rising Star comedy club’ in New York City.

The main character of the show was late and Jackie jumped on stage and started telling jokes. He became confident in his ability when he saw that people did not know about the many jokes he knew. He released his first comedy album “What Did You Expect” in 1979. In 1883, Jackie appeared in a guest segment on ‘The Howard Stern Show’, which became a regular event soon.

In 1886, he became the main writer for the show and became famous. In February 2001, he starred in BB King Blues Club in New York City. He became the host of the one-hour weekly show Jackie’s Joke Hunt in 2006. Jackie worked in movies and documentaries as well. His comedy film ‘The Aristocrats’ was released in 2005.

Jackie Martling was nominated for Best Supporting Actor Award in International Independent Film & Video Festival at New York.

Net Worth of Jackie Martling

Jackie Martling has earned a huge sum of his wealth through his comedic skills. He has appeared in many movies and TV shows as well. Jackie has a huge career in Radio. He worked as the main writer for Howard Stern’s show from 1986 to 2003. The salary from the show has added a fair sum to his net worth. The estimated net worth of Jackie Martling is $2.5 million.

Jackie Martling has had a successful career in comedy. He has been in the profession for over forty years now. Jackie is known for his non-formal way of comedy. He does not write his own jokes, rather he tells jokes from the old books he has read. He knows like zillions of those jokes per his own saying.