H. Jon Benjamin Net Worth

Who is H. Jon Benjamin and what is his net worth 2018? Harry Jon Benjamin is an American actor, comedian and voice actor. He is known for comedy shows including “Midnight Pajama Jam” and “Tinkle”. He is also popular for his voice works in “Archer”. Harry Jon Benjamin was born on May 23, 1966, in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. He is a graduate of the Worcester Academy. He was raised in a Jewish family.

Jon Benjamin dated American actress Laura Silverman. There are no records of how long the couple dated. He has a son named Judah Benjamin. There are no details of who the mother Judah Benjamin is. He is close friends with comedian David Cross. Jon is a private person who shares very little about his love life. he currently resides in Massachusetts, United States.

H. Jon Benjamin Net Worth

Jon Benjamin began his career in Boston at the age of 24. He teamed up with Sam Seder presenting comedic performances as a duo. At that time, Sam Seder was part of a comedy team led by David Cross. He worked with that group and other groups for seven years. He teamed up with Jon Glaser to perform “Midnight Pajama Jam” in New York.

Jon Benjamin has also done some works for the films, he appeared on the eighty-first episode of “King Dead”. He also appeared on the “Cheap Seats” TV show. He starred in “Wet Hot American Summer”, “Not Another Teen Movie” and the comedy-drama “Rescue me”.

He has also done a lot of voice acting for cartoons including “Dr. Katz”, “Science Court”, “O’Grady”, “Professional Therapist”, and “Home Movies”. He is also a co-creator of the “Freak Show”. He also starred in “Lucy, the Daughter of the devil”. This series started airing on September 9, 2007, and ran for one season.

He has also made appearances in animated shows. he was Mothmonsterman in “The Last One”, and Mortimer Mango in “Bible Fruit”. Jon Benjamin co-created and starred in Comedy Central series titled “Jon Benjamin Has a Van”. He created the show with comedian Leo Allen. He also worked on “Bob’s Burger”, and “Archer”, shows that earned him the award as the best male comedy performer by Vulture TV Awards in 2014.

He released a jazz album titled “Well, I Should Have …”. He featured Scott Kreitzer who played sax, Jonathan Preitz who played the drums, and David Finck who played the bass. He himself played the piano.

H. Jon Benjamin Net Worth

Jon Benjamin has appeared in a lot of films and TV projects, “Happy Accidents”, “Freak Show”, and “Parks and Recreation”. He has also done a lot of works as a voice-over artist. His net worth is estimated at $7 million.

Jon Benjamin revealed that “Archer” fans sometimes get disappointed when they meet him and realise he looks nothing like the animated character. His deep monotone voice makes him a perfect voice actor for many projects. This explains why he worked on many other animation works and cartoons including “Dr. Katz”, “Home Movies”, “Family Guy”, “All Hail King Julien”, and “Family Guy”. He has been won several awards for his voice acting.