George Takei Net Worth

George Takei is an American author, director as well as an actor known for some of his best roles in some leading television series in the US. He is also an activist of Japanese descent. He is very popular in the USA and is known for a strong social media presence with around 10 million followers on Facebook. George Takei net worth is around $13 million US dollars as of now. With his best acting skills, he has won the heart of a lot of Americans.

George Takei Biography

George Takei was born on 20th April 1937 in Los Angeles. His father was a real estate worker who belongs to Japan and mother was born in Sacramento. After Pearl Harbor attack, his family relocated to Rohwer Relocation Center in the Arkansas. During the last days of the war, they moved to California. He was having a lot of interest in community affairs and in politics in his earlier years of life. He completed his graduation in the year 956 from Los Angeles High School and later studied architecture at UC Berkeley. As he was also having a lot of interest in acting, he contacted an agent at MGM and got a role in “Made in Japan” even before completing his study.

George Takei Net Worth 2017-2018

It was in the year 2005 when Takei himself announced that he is a gay and is living happily with his partner Brad Altman. It was in the year 2008, he announced that he and his partner Brad Altman has plans to marry each other. In fact, they were the first similar-sex couples who apply for a wedding license in the Western Hollywood. Takei finally got married to his partner in September 2008 after obtaining the marriage license.

George Takei begins his career from the film Ice Palace in the year 1960. Although he gave multiple roles in “Hawaiian Eye” in the year 1959, they were not so popular and recognizable. After this, he was a part of a popular music show “Fly Blackird” and has to quit the same (as already mentioned). After this, producer Gene Roddenberry cast him in “Where No Man Has Gone Before” in the year 1966.

It was this series which provide wings to his career and the character Mr. Sulu become extremely famous. Even today, he is called with this name. Next, he worked in “the Green Berets” in the year 1968 and attained the attention of a lot of people. A public affair show named “Expression East/West” also added a lot in his career which he himself hosted and produced. The Star Trek 1995 episode Flashback attracted the attention of a lot of people towards him.

Takei got several awards for his outstanding performance. In the year 2004, Japanese government recognized him as “Order of the rising sun” which is one of the highest awards in Japan. He was presented this decoration due to his contribution to improving relations of the USA and Japan. He got LGBT Humanist Award in the year 2012 by the American Humanist Association. After this, he got Glaad Vito Rusto Award in the year 2014 and JANM Distinguished Medal of Honor was also presented to him by the Japanese American National Museum. His latest achievement is from California State University in the year 2016. He was honored with “Doctorate of Humane Letters”

George Takei Net Worth in 2017

Presently George Takei net worth is $13 million US dollars as of 2017. He has been a popular character in a six Star Trek Films. He generated most of his income from through his acting roles in films, radio, and television. He also earned a lot of money through his writing skills and as a popular writer. Takei has given several award winning performances which have also enhanced his overall assets.

Despite being from a middle-class family, George Tarkei is a person who stood up himself and attained a lot of reputation and respect as an actor, singer, and writer. He is a popular star who has been known for his excellent skills in the industry and in fact a legend that inspired a lot of people.