George Hamilton Net Worth

Who is George Hamilton? What is net worth of George Hamilton? George Hamilton, is the king of cinemas, having acted in more than 80 films, this actor truly doesn’t need any introduction. His steamy hot looks with a sun-kissed tone and his million dollar smile earned him the nickname ‘Tanned one’. Standing tall at 6′ 1″, George has swooned many women with just a glance. In his time, he was considered the most desirable man. Even at the age 77, George is still rocking the world of cinemas.

George Stevens Hamilton was born on 12th August 1939 in the city of Memphis, Tennessee but lived in Blytheville, Arkansas. He is the eldest son of George Spike Hamilton (a bandleader) and his first wife Anne Stevens (formerly known as Mrs William Potter). George had two stepfathers and a stepmother called June Howard. George claimed that he had an affair with June when he was just 12 years old.

George Hamilton Net Worth 2017-2018

In the year 1966, George had an intense relationship with the daughter of US President named Lyndon B Johnson. He got married to the beautiful actress Alana Stewart in 1972 but the couple separated after three years. They both had a son together named Ashely Hamilton born in 1974. Little later George had a torrid affair with Kimberly Blackford. The couple was blessed with a son George Thomas Hamilton in the year 1999. Sadly the couple are not together anymore.

Career: Hamilton has an extraordinary body of work in film and television. He is mainly famous for his dashing and charming style. In fact there was a close contest between him and John Derek (American actor and director) as to who was tanner. George started his career at a very young age (12) with the movie ‘Lone Star’ playing the role of Noah. After his graduation was complete, he landed his first ever lead role in the year 1959 with ‘Crime and Punishment’.

His performance was not well received by the viewers but his sharp features and stunning looks won the concentration of the movie studios. He was then offered even big stream of roles and it was 1960s when Hamilton actually blossomed as an actor working opposite Hollywood’s most desired actresses. During this period, he acted in more than a dozen films which includes ‘A thunder of Drums’, ‘The Light in the Piazza’, ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’ and ‘A Time for Killing’.

However, personal barrier put a hindrance to his professional career. It was this time when he was in the news for all the wrong deeds. He was dating Lyndra Bird Johnson (daughter of US President Johnson) in the year 1966 and eventually the news was erupted as tabloid scandal. Fewer and fewer roles started coming his way as the scandal progressed. Out of pressure from the industry, he accepted his first TV series ‘The Survivors’ in the year 1969.

It was the year 1979 when he made a comeback with a surprise blockbuster to the big screen with his appearance as Count Dracula in the horror genre ‘Love at First Bite’. After this, it was no looking back for Hamilton, one of the finest actors of the industry. He went on to enjoy a brief stint on the prime time series ‘Dynasty’ playing a ruthless producer for one complete season in the year 1985.

Education: During his childhood, he frequently moved with his family to places like Los Angeles, Boston, New York and Palm Beach. He completed his education from Palm Beach High School. Even as a kid George was talented, he won many scholastic, athletic and arts awards as a student.

George Hamilton Net Worth

Born to be an actor, George Hamilton is a popular face in Hollywood and also in many television series. He has an estimated net worth of around $22 million US dollars as of 2017. He has acquired it simply by showcasing his talent in about 63 movies and 53 TV series.

George Hamilton Business Models

Apart from acting, Hamilton possessed great interests in business. In the late 1980s, he launched two ventures called ‘George Hamilton Skin Care System’ and ‘George Hamilton Sun Care System’. Moving on he opened tanning salons. He did not stop here. He expanded his empire by launching a cigar lounge bearing his name in different cities like New York and Las Vegas.

Throughout his career, George Hamilton came to be known as enduringly tanned man of both the big and small screen. He has seen all ups and downs in his entire career. George has battled it all to manage this huge success. He would be known for his acting skills and charming personality forever.