Gary Cooper Net Worth

Who was Gary Cooper and what is his net worth? Gary Cooper was an American actor known for his authentic acting style. His career, which spanned thirty-five years from 1925 to 1960, had leading roles in eighty-four feature films. In his early years, he began his film career in silent pictures, such as The Thundering Herd and Wild Horse Mesa. Cooper served in the military during World War II, but like many of his colleagues, he got involved in the war effort by entertaining the troops. During his acting career, Cooper won two Academy Awards and was nominated for three.

Early Life

Gary Cooper (born Frank James Cooper) was born May 7, 1901 in Helena, Montana, to Charles Henry Cooper, a lawyer and Alice Louise Brazier, both whom were English Immigrants. Cooper attended Dunstable Public School in England for four years and worked on his father’s ranch in 1918 and 1919. He enrolled in Wesleyan College in Bozeman, Montana, but after a serious automobile accident left him with a broken hip, he transferred to Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa, in 1921.

Gary Cooper Net Worth

In 1924, Cooper dropped out of college and moved to Los Angeles to seek work as a cartoonist or artist for an advertising agency. He got by being a door to door salesman of discount coupons for a photography studio in order to earn a living. He soon took the advice of friends and started his career off in acting in 1925 in silent cowboy films.

He took on the name Gary Cooper to keep himself distinguished from the rest of the Frank Coopers in Hollywood. His first key supporting role was The Winning of Barbara Worth, which won him much praise and helped him get signed to Paramount.


Cooper’s acting career started in 1925 with him playing cowboy parts in silent pictures. After his breakthrough role in The Winning of Barbara Worth in 1926, his career took off. He earned praise for his role in The Virginian, which put him in a position to get more roles and give Oscar worthy performances.

He took on several real life dramas during his career as well as a role that was his signature in High Noon. During his career, Cooper was able receive two Academy Awards and earn three Academy Award nominations. His first Academy Award came from the film, of the real life drama, called, Sergeant York, where Cooper portrayed York during the World War I era. The very next year, Cooper received another Academy Award for playing Lou, Gehrig, a well known baseball player, in the movie, The Pride of the Yankees.

Cooper was introduced to his wife, Veronica Balfe in 1933 at an Easter party that her uncle put together. Gary Cooper and Veronica Balfe married at her parents’ Park Avenue residence on December 15, 1933. They soon had a daughter named Maria Veronica Cooper, born on September 15, 1937. After many years of marriage, Cooper and Balfe were legally separated on May 16, 1951.

During his separation from his wife, Cooper became romantically involved with several of the leading ladies opposite of him in his films. Some of the actresses included Patricia Neal, Clara Bow, and Lupe Velez. However, during his three year separation from his wife, Patricia Neal, broke up with him and Cooper reconciled with his wife in 1954.

Net Worth of Gary Cooper

In Gary Cooper’s thirty-five years of acting, he had accomplished having leading roles in eighty-four feature films. Being a major movie star from the end of the silent era to the end of the golden age of Classical Hollywood, his persona appealed to both men and women. Gary Cooper’s estimated net worth was $14. He owed much of his success to the real life dramas which earned him Academy Awards and Academy Award nominations.

Cooper’s range of roles included Westerns, war films, adventure films, drama films, crime films, comedy films, and romantic comedy films. On May 6, 1961, he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Five years after his death in 1966, he was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers.