Gale Harold Net Worth 2019

Who is Gale Harold and what is his net worth 2019? Gale Morgan Harold III is an American actor born on 10th July 1969 in Atlanta, Georgia, Unites States. He was born to a well – educated parents his mother was a property (real estate) and father an engineer. The actor had strict upbringing with main focus on religion as his parents were devout Pentecostals. But Gale had different plans and left the church at the age of 15. He worked as a motorcycle mechanic and restorer, construction, bartender, waiter etc. to fund his education. In 2000 the actor had some luck and got starred in a gay drama ‘Queen as Folk’.

From there the actor went on and starred in many theatrical dramas like ‘Me and my friend’, ‘La Indian Queen’, ‘Miss Julie’, ‘Uncle Bob’ etc. as well as television shows like ‘Street Time’, ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’, ‘The Unit’, ‘Deadwood’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and many more.

Gale Harold Net Worth

In 2010 the actor had a severe motorcycle accident and remained in the I.C.U. after it was discovered that he had a broken shoulder as well as swollen brain, but after he recovered sufficiently he went to complete the shooting for his on – going movie ‘Desperate Housewives’. A motorcycle club named ‘Clutch and Chrome’ celebrated his complete recovery with an article on their website.

Education: Gale gave his education as much importance as his roles in the media. He went to The Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia and received a scholarship for soccer after graduation. Further he attended American University in Washington D.C. to attain a Liberal Arts bachelor’s degree. But due to lack of interest he left the university after a few months and decided to go to San Francisco, California to study photography at San Francisco Art Institute.

Net Worth of Gale Harold

Gale Harold has an estimated net worth of $2.2 million. In spite his tremendous roles in films he is known more for his contribution to the small screen. He earned a major portion from his unending list of television shows he is starred in and from movies like Desperate Housewives, 36K, Mental Hygiene, Wake, Unseen etc.

Gale has a lot of sources to earn a decent income annually. He has endorsed brands and receive sponsorships throughout the year. He charges a handsome amount for each episode of film that he is starred in. Moreover his appearances in award functions and corporate events / speeches are also chargeable. His theatre roles and roles in conventions that he takes part in also add a good number of zeros to his bank account.

The talented actor won accolades and nominations for his roles in both online and TV shows as well as Films. He got a nomination in 2001 for Best actor in new Drama Series for his role in the TV show Queer as Folk in OFTA Television Awards. Last year in 2016 he won an award for Best Ensemble for his movie Kiss me, Kill me (2015) in Film out Audience Awards.

The actor made headline for both the American as well as Spanish newspaper when he and his friend Randy Harrison reunited in Bilbao, Spain for Harold’s second annual fan meet. The actor recently started the trend of holding fan meets from 2015 and answer their questions, just like a Q&A session just for a longer time frame and his fans seems to love the idea and appear in large magnitudes to the venue to meet their star. Photos and snaps can be seen all over the social media websites as they are posted by both the actor as well as the fans plus the presence of professional photographers to cover the event add up a notch.

The actor faced hardships in his childhood with his education as he could not decide his interest. But in the end he ended up following his dream and pursuing photography course in San Francisco. He even stands against the disappearing of the children which he showed by releasing a video while shooting for his movie ‘Vanished’ in 2006.