Gabriel Macht Net Worth

Gabriel Macht is one of the world-renowned actors who starred in various television shows and filmography. Some of the renowned and award-winning performances he gave add to his name. He is well-known for his stupendous career – the best of his acting skills displayed in “The Good Shepard” (2006- nominated for the best artistic contribution), “Suits” (2011- prime role and also the producer), etc.

Born on January 22, 1972, in the Bronx, New, York, United States, he is one among the three golden siblings of Suzanne Victoria Pulier (famous archivist and museum curator) and Stephen Macht (a famous actor during his times). His three siblings are Jesse (a renowned musician), Ari Serbin, and Julie. Brought up by his Jewish family, Gabriel moved to California at his age of 5 and he graduated from Beverly Hills High School. Thereafter, he went to Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts for graduation, which he subsequently achieved by 1994. During the period of his graduation studies, he was a prominent member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity.

Gabriel Macht Net Worth 2017-2018

Upon the peak of his career, he married Jaconda Barrett by 2004. The couple gave birth to a daughter (Satine Anais Geraldine Macht) by August 20, 2007, and then they had a son (Luca) by Feb 26, 2017. Gabriel Macht has also been the best friend of Sarah Rafferty (co-star of Suits) for 20+ years. They met at Williamson Theatre festival during 1993. He has been a practicing vegetarian throughout his lifetime and prefers to sustain green living. A nature lover, he has been a nature enthusiast since his younger days. He belongs to an Ashkenazi Jewish descendent family.

Gabriel Macht has many renowned television shows and filmography under his belt. He began his acting career at his age of 8 where he did one of his best acting in the movie “Why would I Lie?” This movie earned him the nomination for best young motion picture actor award due to his performance as a young actor. Thereafter, he increased his influence through variety television shows and filmography.

Some of the most renowned movies include “Behind enemy lines” (2001), “The Recruit” (2003), “The Good Shepherd” (2006), “Swat : Fire Fight” (2011) and “The Spirit” (2008 – Comic creation of Will Eisner, even though the film was a failure, it earned greater credibility for Gabriel Macht. It also earned a loyal fan base).

Apart from being a renowned actor, he is also the producer of the renowned show “Suits” (2011). Some of his famous theatrics include “To Who it may concern”, “Turn Around”, “What the Butter Saw”, “Love and Drugs”, etc.

Some of his notable achievements include

Why would I Lie? (Best Young Motion Picture Award)

The Good Shepard (Outstanding artistic contribution – Berlin International Film Festival Awards)

How much is Gabriel Macht Net Worth in 2017

This famous actor cum producer has a net worth of $10 million US dollars as of 2017. He has been in the acting lane since he began his acting career at an age of 8. Having acted in 20+ renowned films and 8+ television shows, he is one of the most successful actors in the film industry. He is also a renowned producer with the television series “Suits” which has been running successfully since 2011. He also earned accolades with some of the commercially successful movies like “Sex and the City”, “Behind the Enemy Lines”, etc.

As a successful man in his life, he earned more credit from the public for his wonderful acting. He is a man of talents with good looks. An artist becomes known by his talent towards the specific art with which he/she specializes. Likewise, Gabriel’s credibility is visible through his lifetime achievements.