Ethan Hawke Net Worth

When we think of versatile Hollywood actors who have shown their mantle in other aspects of cinema apart from acting, then Ethan Hawke is a prominent name that comes to our mind. Ethan Hawke is a highly acclaimed American actor who has proved his worth as a writer and a director also. In his career till now, Ethan Hawke has been nominated for 4 prestigious Academy Awards and a Tony Award.

Ethan has also proved his mantle as a director by directing 2 feature films, a documentary and 3 off Broadway plays. Apart from this, Ethan has also left his mark as a writer by writing 3 novels namely ‘The Hottest State’ as early as in 1996, ‘Ash Wednesday’ in 2002 with the last being ‘Rules for a Knight’ in 2015.

Ethan Hawke Net Worth 2017-2018

‘Explorers’, a science fiction feature, marked the debut of Ethan Hawke as an actor in 1985 though ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ proved to be a breakthrough in his career. Apart from this, Ethan has been appreciated for his acting skills in the films such as ‘Before Sunrise’ and its sequels, ‘Training Day’ and ‘Boyhood’. The estimated net work of Ethan Hawke is $60 Million US dollars.

Ethan Green Hawke commonly known as Ethan Hawke was born in Austin, Texan on 6th November, 1960 to Leslie Carole (mother) who was a charity worker and James Steven Hawke (father) who was an insurance actuary. Ethan’s parents were students at University of Texas when he was born but later got divorced when he was 5 yrs old. Ethan was raised by her mother, who remarried when Ethan turned 10 yrs old and then they settled down in New Jersey.

Ethan Hawke was sent to West Windsor-Plainsboro High School and was later moved to Hun School of Princeton. It was here that he started taking acting classes as McCarter Theatre. Though earlier, Ethan aspired to develop his career as a writer, however, gradually he developed a lot of interest in acting.

After graduating from high school, Ethan went on to study at prestigious Carnegie-Mellon University. There he enrolled himself to study theatre, however, he was unable to complete his studies as he had to drop out when he was offered a role in ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ in 1989 opposite Robin Williams. This proved to be a major breakthrough in his career.

Ethan Hawke married the Hollywood actress, Uma Thurman on 1st May, 1998. They had met each other on the sets of ‘Gattaca’ in 1996. Ethan has two children from Uma Thurman, namely Maya (Daughter) born in 1998 and Levon (son) born in 2002. However, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman divorced later in the year 2005 amid speculations of Ethan’s growing promiscuity with another woman.

Ethan remarried in 2008 to Ryan Shawhughes. She had also worked as a nanny for Thurman and ethan’s children for a short period of time prior to her graduation from Columbia University. They have two daughters namely Clementine Jane and Indiana born in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

Ethan Hawke made his screen debut with the sci-fi film ‘Explorer’ in 1985 but it didn’t turn out to be a commercial success. A prominent role in drama film ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ in 1989 proved to be a major breakthrough in Ethan’s career. After this sky was the limit. Ethan worked in various films and established his name as an actor.

In 1994, he got a powerful role in Gen X drama ‘Reality Bites’. Ethan was critically praised for his acting skills in this film. After this he worked in a romantic film ‘Before Sunrise’ in 1995 which also had 2 sequels featuring him namely ‘Before Sunset’ and ‘Before Midnight’. Apart from acting, Ethan also received critical acclamation for his writing contributions towards these films.

After this, he maintained a perfect balance between theatre and feature films. His later career was a perfect amalgamation of both with him working in various stage plays such as ‘The Seagull’, ‘Manhattan’, ‘Buried Child’, ‘Henry IV’, ‘Hurlyburly’ and the much acclaimed trilogy play ‘The Coast of Utopia’ which also earned him his first Tony Award nomination in the category of Best Featured Actor in a Play.

Along with this, he also performed in various meaningful and commercial films, such as ‘Gattaca’, ‘Training Day’ and ‘Boyhood’ which brought him various nominations such as Academy, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and SAG Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Apart from acting, Ethan also focused on his first love that was writing. He wrote three novels namely ‘The Hottest State’ as early as in 1996, ‘Ash Wednesday’ in 2002 with the last being ‘Rules for a Knight’ in 2015.

Ethan Hawke has been nominated for various prestigious awards for his superb acting skills. For ‘Training Day’, he was nominated for Academy Awards and Screen Actors Guild Award for the Best Supporting Actor Category. ‘Before Sunrise’ also brought him various nominations, some of which are Academy Awards, National Society of Films Critic Award and Writers Guild of America award for the Category of Best Adapted Screenplay.

Similarly ‘Before Midnight’ also brought him various nominations for Screenplay. For ‘Boyhood’, he won the Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Cast. Along with this, he was also nominated for various awards for this film which includes Academy Award, BAFTA Award and SAG Award for Best Supporting Actor.

How much is Ethan Hawke Net Worth in 2017

Ethan Hawke has done numerous movies, plays and written three books. He has earned handsomely in all his ventures and apart from that has also made a fortune by endorsing certain brands. He earned $4,000,000 for Daybreakers, $3,000,000 for Assualt on Precinct 13 and close to $12,000,000 for his performance in Training Day. His current net worth is expected to be around $60 Million US dollars as of 2017. He owns a NYC Manhattan Townhouse whose worth is $6.25 Million.

Ethan Hawke is well known for his philanthropic work. For a very long time, he has been associated with Doe Fund which helps the needy and homeless by providing them jobs and housing. Along with this, he has co-chaired one of New York’s philanthropic board i.e. Young Lions Committee of New York Public Library. He also co-founded Young Lion’s Fiction Award in 2001, which recognizes the talent of young writers in fiction writing. In 2010, Ethan Hawke was honoured as Library Lion by the New York Public Library.