Erik Estrada Net Worth

Who is Erik Estrada and what is his net worth 2018? Erik Estrada is a rare combination of an actor who also happens to be a police officer. Besides he is also a voice actor and is famous for his works in Spanning language telenovelas. He has served as a deputy sheriff in Bedford County, Virginia. Estrada shot to fame for his role in the police drama television series, CHiPs. He is also popular for his infomercials and appearances on reality television shows.

Erik Estrada was born Henry Enrique “Erik” Estrada on March 16,1949. He was raised in the East Harlem, Manhattan region of the New York City. Estrada’s father is Renildo Estrada, who is from the Puerto Rico descent and mother, Carmen Moreno was a seamstress. He has been married thrice and divorced twice in his life so far.

Erik Estrada Net Worth 2018-2019

Estrada married Joyce Miller in November 1979 and later on they got divorced immediately after a year. He was again married to Peggy Lynn Rowe who is a songwriter and a producer, for the year 1985 till 1990, when unfortunately they got divorced.

They had two sons from the marriage. In the year 1997 he married a film sound technician Nanette Mirkovich. They are parents to a beautiful daughter Francesca Natalia who wants to follow the Estrada’s footsteps and become an actress.

Erik Estrada’s acting breakthrough came when he was selected by director Don Murray to star in the movie ‘The Cross and the Switchblade,’ as a streetwise character which he played opposite Pat Boone. In the year 1972 he co-starred with George C. Scott and Stacy Keach as LAPD Officer Sergio Duran in a movie The New Centurions.

In 1978, he started training in martial arts under instructor Frank Argelander to prepare for a couple of episodes of the drama show – “CHips.” Later on in his career he Estrada landed up a role The Bold and the Beautiful, a daytime drama. He has also hosted a game show on Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire with Hilary Duff.

Estrada in his long and successful career has done voice-overs for the show Sealab 2021 and other programs, on the Cartoon Network. He was also featured in Eminem’s music video – “Just Lose It.” He is currently serving as a reserve police officer in St. Anthony, Idaho.

Erik Estrada Net Worth

Estrada’s decades of successful run and appreciation for his performance on the television reality shows, his roles in the movies and voice-overs in popular programs has earned him the much revered fan fare that he has to his credit today. His parents divorced when he was just two and it was his grandfather who raised him up. The feeling of responsibility emerged early in his life and he started learning about the financial affairs of his family and how to earn money. This has made Erik Estrada worth $5 million today.

Estrada is one of the most banked celebrities in Hollywood. Erik Estrada was voted as – “The 10 Sexiest Bachelors in the World,” by the People magazine. Estrada has got his own website that he runs together with his wife. They both answer all their fans questions and emails. Though he is in his late 60s, he still looks young and vibrant.