Edward Furlong Net Worth 2019

Who is Edward Furlong and what is his net worth 2019? Edward Furlong is acknowledged as an American based actor as well as a musician. Recognised as a previous teen idol, he got win in Saturn and MTV Movie Awards on account of his breakthrough based performance made as John Connor within Terminator 2: Judgment Day. You may be wandering to get info of net worth of Edward Furlong, well you can get it below:

Early Life

Glendale, located in California is the birthplace of Edward Furlong. He is known to be a son of parent-Eleanor Torres, recognised as a youth centre employee. He is essentially of Mexican origin from his mom’s side, and he has too described himself as- “half-Russian”. It is known that his mom’s sister named as Nancy Tafoya, as well as half-brother named Sean Furlong acquired safekeeping of him for many years, containing 1990–91, during the time he started his career as an actor. Originally, both of them worked as Furlong’s executives.

Edward Furlong Net Worth


In year 1991, Furlong started his film based career in role of John Connor inside Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This is the role which received him one MTV Movie Award in category of Best Breakthrough Role as well as attained one Saturn Award in category of best young actor. This actor was found out for the portion through casting director named Mali Finn when making visit to Pasadena Boys and Girls Club during year 1990.

Later, he accepted this role by a series of temperately successful kind of high-profile based films as well as indies, sharing a screen with Liam Neeson and Meryl Streep in Before and After; Maximilian Schell, Tim Roth, as well as Vanessa Redgrave within Little Odessa; as Jeff Bridges in American Heart; as well as Clancy Brown and Anthony Edwards in Pet Sematary Two.

It is found that his career and fame weakened significantly after year 2000, by majority of his succeeding films getting launched directly to DVD. In year 2001, he got a character in I Cavalieri che fecero l’impresa aka The Knights of the Quest, known as film by an Italian based filmmaker named Pupi Avati. He was predictable to perform John Connor once again inside Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Though, Nick Stahl was featured prior its filming started in year 2002.

Apart from acting, as he is a musician, he appeared in one music video made for Metallica’s “The Unnamed Feeling”, out in year 2004. Moreover, he too appeared in year 2009 based remake year – 1988 based horror classic entitled as Night of the Demons, filmed inside New Orleans. That film was launched directly to DVD.

Discussing his personal life, he took up along with his teacher named Jacqueline Louise Domac on a Terminator 2 set while he was of age 13 while she was of age 26. In year 1999, she prosecuted him for viciousness. Later, he got married to Rachael Bella in year 2006. This couple welcomed a son was in year 2006.

In year 2009, Bella registered for divorce mentioning irreconcilable differences. This lady suspected in court documents that the couple’s son was verified positive for cocaine, which directed a magistrate to instrcut Furlong’s visits need to be overseen.

Net Worth of Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong succeeded in attaining a net worth of $200 thousand US dollars by being an actor and musician. He attained his start in the career being a child star and later acquired initial prominent role performing as young John Connor within a movie entitled as Terminator 2: Judgment Day in year 1991. Later, he was featured with Jeff Bridges in American Heart, as well as got his second Saturn Award based nomination for Pet Sematary Two, adding to his income. Being a musician, Furlong earned by releasing one album in year 1992, entitled as Hold on Tight.

Right from year 1991, this actor was featured in diverse roles in many movies. Career of Edward Furlong later weakened because of many arrests as well as court cases, and chronic matter abuse as well as alcoholism.