Ed O’Neill Net Worth

Who Is Ed O’Neill and what is his net worth 2018? I am sure we all know Ed O’Neill. If you are a fan of Modern Family, then you know this guy can make you laugh. Ed is an icon in the film industry that many artists admire and love passionately. He is the one man that you can learn a lot from when you study his life and look at all his roles. Other than the jokes, he is also very talented and can kick ass very well because he is well trained martial in arts. All this contribute a lot to Ed’s net worth.

Edward Leonard commonly known as Ed O’Neill was born in the year 1946 in an Irish American Family. His mother was called Ruth Ann, and she was a homemaker as well as a social worker. His father was called Edward Philip O’Neill, and he was a truck driver as well as a steel mill worker. He studied at Ursuline where he got a scholarship to attend Ohio University. Even so, he did not finish his studies there because he played sports and partied more than studying. He later went to Youngstown state university. After graduation, he became a substitute teacher at the high school where he schooled but then dropped it to be an actor. Presently, he is with his beautiful wife who is also an actress (Catherine Rusoff), and they have two beautiful kids.

Ed O'Neill Net Worth 2018-2019

The first production that O’Neill features was a theater performance called Of Mice and Men at the American Repertory Theater and it was successful. He also played the part of a boxer in a Broadway play called Knockout in the year 1979. He also had a guest role in The Equalizer. The year 1986 is the time when we can say that his career in acting picked up after landing a leading role in a sitcom called Married with Kids.

His role was well played out, and he received best-rated reviews giving him an edge. This sitcom series had 11 seasons and winded up in the year 1997. All throughout, O’Neill was many people’s favourite character. The same trend trickles down to Modern Family sitcom series. From there onwards, he featured in numerous best-rated films that further promoted his name in the entertainment making him an icon that he is today.

Ed O’Neill has won several awards ever since his acting career took off. We would not expect anything less than that because he is incredibly talented and he is excellent at what he does. He has won several awards in many categories with Innovator award and outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series among others. He was also nominated for awards numerous times, and this shows the confidence of the people in him. He has won the TV Land Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and more.

Ed O’Neill Net Worth

Ed O’Neill has lived luxuriously over the years, and that prompts one to wonder how much he makes so that he can afford all the good things in life. Here is the answer: Ed O’Neill’s net worth is approximated to be $70 million. He earned his net worth by being part of many films, sitcom series, advertisements, and so much more. His salary per episode is estimated to be around $200,000.

With a net worth like what Ed O’Neill has, you will also be living in paradise. His home in Los Angeles sure looks like paradise. Anyway, It does not come easy; he works for it.