Dustin Diamond Net Worth

Who is Dustin Diamond and what is his net worth 2018? From ‘Top 100 Most Annoying Person’ to ‘Top 10 Highest paid actor’ Dustin Diamond’s whole career is an interesting untold story let’s try to open some pages from his life. Dustin placed at first position on People With Money’s ‘Top 10 highest-paid actors’ in year 2017 but before that he had faced so many challenges including, his four month prison. Dustin is American actor and musician he has also written his life book ‘Behind The Bell’. He also has own food chain restaurant, own football team and vodka brand.

He has started his career from his childhood which helps him to made this much money he was continuously active in Television and film industry. During 2009 he was at the highest level of controversy.

Dustin Diamond Net Worth 2018-2019

‘The American Actor’ Dustin Diamond was born in San Jose, US on 7 January 1977. His father mark diamond taught digital electronics and his mother was a computer operator. Dustin started as a child actor and in his young age he started working in ‘saved by the bell’ series after completing all series he started work as a standup comedian and movies too.

He also worked in ‘celebrity fit club’ and ‘celebrity big brother’. Dustin has also acted in several reality shows. He has also written his biography book named ‘Behind the bell’ and it was released in 2009. Dustin has also performed in ‘celebrity championship wrestling’. He has work from participants, to host and commentator. He is also a wonderful musician and a song writer. People will remember him for his role in series ‘Saved By Bell’.

Diamond married his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Misner in year 2009. Dustin’s personal life was almost a controversy. In year 2014, Diamond was arrested in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, for possession of a switchblade knife. I year 2015 he was convicted for carrying a concealed weapon. He was cleared of the public safety. Diamond was also sentenced four months prison. He was arrested in May 2016 and he currently living in Wisconsin.

The American standup comedian started his career as child actor and afterwards he acted in television series ‘saved by the bell’ from 1994 to 2000 and then he started standup comedy where he was very successful. He has also acted his comedy side in many films. Dustin has also performed in a reality shows. In year 2007 he was also a member of the ‘celebrity fit club’. Dustin is also a musician, and he also writes up a good song. He has also performed as commentator. Dustin has also hosted the show. He has also participate in ‘celebrity big brother’ show.

Dustin nominated twice for the ‘Young artists awards’ in year 1990 and 1991 for outstanding young ensemble cast and for outstanding young comedian.

He also nominated for MTV Movie and TV award for best cameo in year 2002.

Dustin Diamond Net worth

The American standup comedian, musician and actor Dustin has an estimated net worth of $700 thousand. Dustin is also involved in many business such as his own food restaurant chain, his football team and own different vodka brand. He made his name at top position in the list of highest paid actor.

Dustin is not only a good actor, superb standup comedian and a wonderful musician but he also has a good business sense he had made his own empire. He has his own vodka favour brand, football team and own food chain restaurant which show he knows much about business skills.

Dustin’s career was very interesting he is a person who started acting from his childhood he enjoyed a lot the screen he is successful actor, writer and musician and ho can we forget his business skills.