Drake Hogestyn Net Worth

Who is Drake Hogestyn and what is his net worth 2018? Drake Hogestyn is an American TV actor born on 29 September 1953 in Fort Wayne of Indiana state of North America. He was named Donald Drake Hogestyn at the time of birth but when he became a famous actor, he came to be known by his middle name Drake instead of first name Donald. He considered two choices for his career, to be a dentist or to be a professional baseball player.

He played minor-league baseball in the 1970’s He got an offer from St. Louis cardinals in January 1973 but did not accept that. In June 1976, he was drafted by New York Yankees and then he accepted the offer. He played two seasons for them. But due to an unfortunate injury he had to retire after 1977 season.

Drake Hogestyn Net Worth 2018-2019

He was all set to pursue his back-up profession dentistry. Then he heard of Columbia pictures which was conducting National Talent Search. He decided to participate. Out of 75000 contestants only 30 were selected and Drake was one of them.

A few weeks later he went to Los Angeles and got his first role as an actor in prime time series Seven brides for seven brothers. He played many minor roles in different shows. In 1986, he joined Days of our lives in which initially he played the role of a mystery man but thereafter his role changed due to some circumstances. This was a turning point in his life as he became very famous due to role of John Black.

He got in and out of the show many times. Once his character of John black was killed in October 2007 but the management revived it brooking the tradition and Drake returned to show in January 2008 He was once again removed from the cast in late 2008 due to financial constraints and then taken back after some time. One more instance was when he got an injury.

Drake enjoys surfing; snowboarding and working on his Vintage cars he can also be considered a fitness freak as he has installed his own gym in his Days dressing room. He also has a taste of reading. He calls ‘The Bourne Identity’ by Robert Ludlum his favorite book. Moreover, his favourite driving path is from Mexico to Los Angeles.

He is a son of Bill Hogestyn and Shug Hogestyn. He is a single child of his parents. There had been many headlines in media about his romance with his castmate Deidre Hall, but he married with childhood love Victoria Post. They have four children, three daughters named Whitney Hogestyn, Rachael Hogestyn and Alexandra Hogestyn and one son named Ben Hogestyn.

Education: After graduating from his High School in his birthplace itself, he joined University of South Florida in Tampa to study dentistry. Interestingly, he got admission on a baseball scholarship. In 1976, he graduated with a degree in microbiology and applied sciences.

Drake Hogestyn Net Worth

Apart from being famous Drake Hogestyn is rich too. He has a net worth of $11.2 million.

Drake Hogestyn mostly commutes in his 1988 Chevy Silverado. Apart from this, he has his beloved 1961 corvette which he calls his baby. Also, he uses his 2003 Dodge Viper to maximise his commute time, when he is early.

Drake did not live in his home town for much time. He spent a big part of his life in his Malibu house, which he bought in 2003 for $2.9 million. It was a Tuscan-style two storey, which featured wood ceilings and French doors. It was spread over a large area of more than 6000 square-feet. In May 2013, he listed it to sale and finally got it sold in December 2013 for $4.5 million. He is also known as a good player in real estate and currently is a resident of Malibu.

Soap star Drake Hogestyn has traded his Tuscan-style two-story home for $4.45 million. Acting was not Hogestyn’s first career. He was a baseball player by profession, manning third base for one of the Yankees farm teams till a 1978 injury. On a challenge, he jumped in on a Columbia Pictures national talent search and scene into acting. At one point, for all that, Hogestyn hit a bit of a career wall and was all set to give up showbiz before “Days” came into his life.

Drake has won many awards in his career. He won the Hottest Male star award in 1994 and 1995. He was nominated for the same award in 1997 and 1998 but could not win it. In 2005, he won Favourite couple award with Deidre Hall in 2005.

Year 2016 has not been bad for Drake Hogestyn in many ways. First, he was injured in May 2016 while filming a stunt. He was hospitalised and took a few months to recover. He had to miss Days for that period of time. He returned to Days in September.

In November 2016, he lost to death one of his beloved friends and Days castmate, Joseph Mascolo. The tragedies did not end here. Even the biggest one was waiting. His mother passed away in December. He shared this sorrowful information on twitter, with a beautiful photograph of her mother in bridal gown.

No doubt, Drake Hogestyn is one of the most famous personalities of ‘Days of our lives’ or even American TV industry. Someone being connected with a show for more than 30 years is not common. He is a multi talented person who has done enough hard work in his life and deserves the fame he has got. Figures state that he is growing continuously.