Doug Stanhope Net Worth

Who is Doug Stanhope and what is his net worth 2018? Doug Stanhope is American based actor, stand-up comedian, and author recognised for his sarcastic and notorious comedy style. Remove your doubts regarding net worth of Doug Stanhope as below you will get its accurate details: Stanhope started to work in stand-up comedy back in year 1990, and worked to give performance at many comedy festivals. Names of comedy festivals in which he appeared are the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, located in Colorado, Montreal’s Just For Laughs, the Chicago Comedy Festival, as well as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Moreover, Stanhope owned his personal prank show broadcasted on Fox named as Invasion of Hidden Cameras in year 2002. This comedian was too regarded as one of the tricksters on Spy TV. In the years 2003 and 2004, Stanhope stayed as a co-host of season six and seven of The Man Show. He also remained host of his radio show, broadcasted on SIRIUS Satellite Radio in year 2005. Furthermore, Stanhope founded one group of touring comics recognized as “The Unbookables” highlighting artists like James Inman, Andy Andrist, and Brendon Walsh, etc.

Doug Stanhope Net Worth

Apart from this, he also appeared in film entitled The Aristocrats, expressing caustic joke to a kid. Moreover, he too appeared with Rouse at the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, held in Scotland in year 2006 to well-received reviews from media. In the next year, Stanhope worked on two TV specials, one in US for Showtime, with recording done at The Gotham Comedy Club, located in New York and another one for the Channel 4 Comedy Lab, shoot at Caves in Edinburgh entitled as “Doug Stanhope: Go Home”. Furthermore, his live show actually was positioned in top 5 of 20 Best Live Shows of year 2009.

One of the albums of Stanhope entitled From Across The Street, was launched in year 2009. In the next year, Stanhope released one series of vignettes throughout Newswipe with Charlie Brooker in UK. In year 2013, Stanhope made debut of his eponymous podcast, whose recording was done out fro home in Bisbee, located in Arizona. In the next year, “the Doug Stanhope Podcast” was being hosted by famous All Things Comedy network.

In years 2015, Doug declared that he was working to write a book regarding his life spent with his mother, which was a random subject in comedy by him. One of his books entitled Digging Up Mother: A Love Story, released last year. Actress named Amber Heard prosecuted Stanhope for his “defamatory” entitlement that she was threatening her ex-husband named Johnny Depp but this lawsuit was then after dropped.

Stanhope won Strathmore Press Award in year 2002 at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Moreover, Stanhope stayed as winner of year 1995 San Francisco International Comedy Competition in which he framed out Dane Cook in one contest.

Discussing his other endeavours, Stanhope began one fundraiser for a lady as well as her family when her home was demolished by 2013 Moore tornado in year 2013. The time when CNN reporter named Wolf Blitzer inquired the survivor named Rebecca Vitsmun, whether she “thanked the Lord” on account of her survival, Vitsmun gave reply that she came out as an atheist.

Moreover, Stanhope was very impressed with decision of Vitsmun to declare her scepticism that he made one IndieGogo campaigner under name of Atheists United. This was with purpose to support Vitsmun as well as her family. With Ricky Gervais, Penn Jillette, and many contributors, this campaign funded $125,760 for Vitsmun.

Doug Stanhope Net Worth

Doug Stanhope is essentially recognised as one American based comedian as well as an actor having net worth of $2 million. Till now, he has launched many successful DVDs as well as live recordings, and he too published one book entitled as “Fun with Pedophiles: The Best of Baiting”. Stanhope’s role in comedy too earned him lot of wealth.

Doug Stanhope is renowned globally by his unique comedy styles and his stand-up comedy appearance. His live recordings earned him great fame across the world among his fans and followers.