Dhanush Net Worth

Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja aka Dhanush was born in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India on 28th of July 1983. He is all one pack as he is producer, director, actor, playback singer, writer, lyricist, as well as dancer. Dhanush was born in the family where his father is director and producer along with his brother and he made his debut in the movie called ‘Thulluvadho Ilamai’ (2002) which was also directed by his father.

After the decade, in the year of 2011, his song “why this Kolaveri di” became the most popular song of the year proving his capability of singing and music composing. He also got international attention first time after his video on YouTube got 100 million views, the first Indian music video with uncountable views. During those ten years, he played in more than 25 movies and won the Best actor award and 58th National film awards for his performance in movie Aadukalam (2010). After that Dhanush was unstoppable and the song “why this Kolaveri di” gave him the entry in Hindi cinemas.

Dhanush Net Worth 2017-2018

Dhanush has now his own production company called Wunderbar films and he produces films under his company. He also appeared in Bollywood movies like ‘Raanjhana’ and ‘Shamitabh’ and in Shamitabh he worked with the Big B, the Amitabh Bachchan and got positive reviews by an audience for both of his films. Moreover, he won 7 Filmfare awards and 3 National film awards along with many other titles. Dhanush was named as India’s hottest vegetarian celebrity in 2011. On his voyage of making films and acting in films, he surely has made millions and currently having the annual salary in millions.

Dhanush Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Dhanush is about $20 million US dollars in 2017. His learning from movie projects in 2015 was about 42 crore INR and he charges almost 10-11 crore INR per movies. This 33-year-old actor, director, producer, singer, and dancer played in more than 40 movies including Bollywood movies too. Dhanush used to be the brand ambassador of PETA and currently endorsing other brands, earning him few more millions for sure. Let’s see what this multi-millionaire is holding when it comes to his car collection and home.

Having big millions in the bank gives you the ability to buy anything you want. Don’t expect any less than a super car from his currently existed car collection. This 33-year-old, allrounder boy, has Audi R8 sports, a sports car made by Audi with V10 engine producing over 550 hours power and another Audi A8 (Rs.1.7 Crores).

Recently he bought Rolly Royce Ghost wich has worth more than 5 crores INR and you cam say it, Rolls Royce is the luxurious kingdom on the wheels. Few more cars in his collection are, Jaguar XJ price 1.5 crore INR and Bently priced more than 2 crores. Both are the luxurious and extremely powerful car when it comes to performance. It seems like Dhanush is the automotive enthusiast. Reportedly he does not have any private jet and private boat.

Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja, his father Kasthuri Raja is film director and producer and his brother Selvaraghavan Raja is the director. Having half of his family in film industry surely was auspicious for him and made it easy for him to get into the film industry. Dhanush is currently married to Aishwarya Rajnikanth, a daughter of Asia’s most famous actor Shivaji Rao Gaikwad aka Rajnikanth, on 18 November 2004. They have two sons now named Linga Raja and Yatra Raja.

Currently, Dhanush has his own film producing company, Wunderbar films and making movies under this banner. Moreover, his appearance in Bollywood movies is now increasing after his recent movie Shamitabh.

Dhanush used to be the brand ambassador of PETA. Recently in 2013, he became a brand ambassador of Center fresh chewing gum by signing a contract with Perfetti India Ltd.

His song, Why this Kolaveri Di, his movies like Raanjhna are all time hit movie and song respectively. Though you will be able to see the glimpse of his talent of acting in Tamil movies. Dhanush is currently holding the golden position tha he can charge anything he wants per movies after working with the Big B.