Dev Patel Net Worth

Presently of age 27, Dev Patel is acknowledged as an English based actor. Patel has created his screen debut in role of Anwar Kharral during the initial two seasons of a British teen drama based television series entitled as Skins (from period of 2007 till 2008), launching the role with no previous official acting experience. Net worth of Dev Patel is amassed from his career in acting, get further details below:

Birthplace of Dev Patel is Harrow. He was born and brought up in London to Indian based parents -Anita, recognised as a care worker, and Raj, recognised as an IT consultant. Basically his parents are known as Indian Hindus; however they both were born within Nairobi, wherein there is a noteworthy Indian community.

Dev Patel Net Worth 2017-2018

His parents immigrated to England distinctly in their teens, and initially met in London. He was brought up in the Hindu conviction. It is known that he was brought up in the Rayners Lane region of Harrow. He noted his initial acting role in form of Sir Andrew Aguecheek inside the school based production made for Twelfth Night.

It is revealed that he was offered the Best Actor award on account of his performance. The actor has begun training in year 2000 at the Rayners Lane Academy of Taekwondo.

During year 2006, Patel has started his acting based career while he gave audition for the E4 teen drama based television series entitled Skins. His mother perceived the casting advertisement in a newspaper as well as conveyed him to the audition though he was to attend a science exam in following next day.

After facing two auditions, the actor was featured in a role of Anwar Kharral, known as a British Pakistani named Muslim teenager. The categorisation of Anwar was partially centred on his character as well as that role was written precisely for him when he was featured in Skins.

He has noted his feature film based debut while he was cast for a character of Jamal Malik, known as the chief character played in film by Danny Boyle entitled Slumdog Millionaire. This character named Jamal Malik is recognised as an Indian based Muslim boy who was brought up in poverty of Bombay, located in India. Boyle has regarded hundreds of aspiring male actors; however he perceived that Bollywood based leads were usually strong and kind of handsome hero, unlike the personality he was searching for.

After submitting five auditions for that role, this actor was finally cast during year 2007. The producer of film found that basic choice for a lead role named Ruslaan Mumtaz, was very good searching for the role.

Later, he was featured in a short film entitled The Commuter, directed by McHenry Brothers to endorse the Nokia N8 named smartphone in U.K. Last year, he was featured as Saroo Brierley within a biographical film entitled Lion, which was directed by Garth Davis as well as it co-starred Nicole Kidman as well as Rooney Mara.

How much is Dev Patel Net Worth in 2017

Dev Patel is by now acknowledged as a British based actor possessing supreme net worth of $11 million US dollars as of 2017. He has amassed his net worth by his acting based career in TV as well as movies. The initial time he depicted his acting abilities was while he joined a cast of the controversial type TV series entitled as Skins, in that he has captured consideration of director named Danny Boyle. In respect of his succeeding prominent turns, they comprise feature movies such as The Last Airbender by M. Night Shyamalan, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and even HBO show by Aaron Sorkin entitled as The Newsroom.

Dev Patel has been prevalent in acting career for more than a decade now and so he has gained enough exposure and acquaintance to the ups and downs perceived in this career. He is yet young and has many successes to achieve.