David Faustino Net Worth

David Faustino is a name that all of you might be familiar with. David is among the people who have given a lot to the industry. David Faustino’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million US dollars. David is the co-owner of a night club in Los Angeles. David has been a part of many amazing and successful sitcoms. David has achieved a lot in his life because of his hard work and dedication. People are greatly inspired by him. He made us believe in all the stories. David is an amazing personality and a marvelous personality. People love and respect him for who he is.

David Faustino Biography

David Anthony Faustino was born on March 3, 1974, in California, USA. David is an amazing and a prominent actor and a rapper. David was born to Roger and Kay Faustino. David’s siblings are also in the field of acting.

David Faustino Net Worth 2017-2018

David Faustino met Andrea Elmer at a spiritual center. The couple got married in the year 2004. The couple split in the year 2006. David had a daughter in the year 2015 with his girlfriend, Lindsay Bronson. David was surrounded by certain controversies after he got arrested for the possession of marijuana in the year 2007.

David started his career as an actor when he was just three months old. He made an appearance on the Lily Tomlin show. After this David appeared in many other projects like; little house on the Prairie, Family ties, the Love boat and many more. David was cast for the full-time role in Married with Children. The show gave him the required limelight. The series started in the year 1987. David made many guest appearances in many famous and amazing sitcoms.

David appeared in many shows and many reality shows like the Celebrity boot camp. David also tried his hand in acting. He was starred in many movies like; Robo Doc and much more. David was endorsed with McDonald’s. David has a very important role in Star Ving. David made cameo appearances in series like Entourage and Not another B movie. David has been the part of some amazing and outstanding projects like; the Star Chamber, Mister Boogedy, Perfect Harmony and the list continues.

David has given marvelous movies in the industry. David is among the best actors the industry has ever seen. David has been nominated for many awards and has also been felicitated with many awards like; BTVA people’s choice award, innovator award, TV land award, and many other awards.

How much is David Faustino’s net worth in 2017

David Faustino has achieved a lot in his life because of his incredible acting skills. David Faustino’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million US dollars as of 2017. David is the reason for the success of many projects. David’s marvelous acting skills and out of the box acting has made him achieve a special place in his life. David is an inspiration for many people.

David is an outstanding personality. People from all over the world are inspired by him and want to become like him in their life. David started acting when he was just three months old. He has been a part of some of the amazing and outstanding projects. David is a hard working person who has achieved a lot in his life.