Darren Day Net Worth

Who is Darren Day and what is his net worth 2018? Darren Day the famous actor, a singer was born in 1968 he attended the Sir Charles Lucas College. Having seen his grandfather perform a comedy act on stage, he was inspired and wanted to give acting a try. This interest in acting soon developed and he started attending drama lessons every evening and on weekends. He gave his all to the classes and took them until 13 years of age. Every teenager has varied interests at the time and wants to explore another thing they can be good at so did Darren.

Darren took a keen interest in snooker and by the time he was 17 he had the snooker game in his hands and he became a professional. Being a professional snooker player for long he did not have the interest he had at first and so he soon diverted from snooker. This diversion was due to his love for entertainment and his heart lied in being in the entertainment business. After this, he was hooked to pursuing a career in the entertainment industry and became an actor as well as a singer and performed in the theater as well as shows.

Darren Day Net Worth

In the year 2007, Darren married Stephanie Dooley and has two children named Dalton and Madison and a stepson named Jordan. Prior to his marriage, he was dating Suzanne Shaw and had a child with her named Corey. His life hasn’t been easy and has gone through ups and downs from drug addiction, he has seen and overcome this problem and now has a blissful life.

Darren Day Net Worth

Darren Day has been accumulating his net worth from the days of his teenage years of being in a comedy trio which started his career in comedy. When he finally gained his momentum and for selected for a show called Opportunity Knocks and was fourth on the show. When everything’s coming your way you must seize every opportunity and so did Darren, he made his acting career take off by acting in the West End theater. After this, he was seen in many shows like Godspell and Grease. He further built his net worth by being a TV presenter for various programs.

Being so versatile Darren made his way into music fields as well and became a singer, which came from the musicals he gave. His net worth is $5.3 million and will continue his net worth to grow.

Having done work in so many fields, he hasn’t had any time to do anything else. His career is going so well even until today that his interests haven’t changed at all. Diverse as he is one can call him multi-talented and he has become very good at it and has had a successful career and continues to do so.

It was his role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that he started his theater career and has only been growing to be a star. He also played roles in various shows that added to his stardom and performed in musicals as well like Summer Holiday and Hello Dolly. With series of television works like being a TV presenter and doing a reality show, he has gained his stardom.

His role in a musical was about an HIV-affected singer, he was given the nomination for best actor and his musical was award winning. Being a singer, he released his first album in 2016 called “This is the Moment” and he soon was in the show Celebrity Big Brother and was given the third place.

After doing the celebrity big brother and finishing third place there is more work lined up for Darren as he will be heading the cast of a musical called the Bumblescratch. In other programs of his, Darren will be back in Grease as a Teen Angel.

Darren has done doing wonders in various careers right from the start from playing snooker to having roles in theater and musicals he has been ever growing and has a lot lined up in his career and we are looking forward to seeing more of him.