Colin Mochrie Net Worth 2018

Who is Colin Mochrie and what is his net worth 2018? Colin Andrew Mochrie is a Scottish-born Canadian improvisational comedian and actor. His one of the most eminent work is Whose Line is it Anyway? This Canadian Comedy Award winner is addicted to make people laugh. He has made numerous appearances on television shows and in films.

He is one of the greatest improvisational comedians of all the times. So how much is Colin Mochrie’s net worth? How much this humorist owns? Let’s find out. Let’s have an insight of his life to know about the facts behind his net worth.

Colin Mochrie Net Worth

Early Life

Colin was born on November 30, 1957 in Kilmarnock, Scotland, United Kingdom. He was the oldest child of his parents. His father worked as an airline maintenance executive in a leading airline. As a child, he was shy and was not ready to mingle easily with others. He went to Killarnery Secondary School, and decided to become a marine biologist. While at school, he described himself as a loner.

One of his friends convinced him to act in a play named The Death And Life of Sneaky Fitch. With a role of undertaker, he tickled the bones of his audiences and it became a source of motivation for him. He realised that, this is something which he wanted to do. Colin attended Studio 58 theatre school in Vancouver. During a course of four years, he revealed the art of improvisational comedy.

Colin is married to his lady love Debra McGrath, director of The Second City , since 1989, and the couple has a transgender daughter Kenley Mochrie who was born in 1990, Toronto.

After graduating from Studio 58, He found his first work as a member of the Vancouver TheatreSports League in 1980. His road to success was never easy. In the beginning, he used to pull out people out of Mc Donald’s to come invite people to watch the show. His meeting with Ryan Stiles, a fellow improviser, flipped his world. The duo started working at TheatreSports together.

He auditioned for The Second City comedy troupe as per the recommendations of Ryan. He associated with The Second City, for three years. During his tenure, he acted in many skits, co-write many plays and directed three seasons of their national touring company. In 1989, his destiny changed its pace. He got “Whose line is it Anyways?” A British Channel 4 comedy show.

Colin appeared for seven permanent years and continued as a cast member until the show ends in 1998 Furthermore, he joined the American version of the show as well. He appeared many films and television series including “Man on the Moon (1999)”, “BlackFly”, “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”, “Getting Along Famously”, “The Drew Carey Show” , “Drew Live” and list goes on. In 2002 he joined hands with Sherwood for a stage show called “An Evening with Colin and Brad”. “She’s the Mayor” was another sitcom at Canadian Television which went on-air in 2011.

Moreover, the image of Colin’s face is used extensively in Animutation. Later in 2011, he got a role in ABC’s improve comedy series titled as “Trust Us with Your Life”. In 2013, “Working the Enge” was a short-lived comedy series in which he had a recurring role.

Owing to his remarkable humor, he has been nominated for Comedian Comedy Awards five times, out of which he won two. Additionally, he also has won Gemini Awards and Writers Guild of Canada Awards for “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”. Because of his unmatched contribution to comedy, he was honored from Canadian Comedy Person of the year at the Canadian comedy Awards in 2013.

Net Worth of Colin Mochrie

This master of comedy has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million.

Colin Mochrie is known as an eminent face of improvisational comedy. By means of his talent, he has taken this variety of comedy to its pinnacle.