Clint Howard Net Worth

Who is Clint Howard and what is his net worth 2018? The recent HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival Award nominee has been turning heads ever since his recrudescing roles in the popular series of “The Andy Griffith Show”. Howard has earned immense popularity owing to the popularity of his elder brother Ron Howard. He had successfully appeared in many films, sixteen of which was under his brother’s direction.

The present net worth of Clint Howard has been a result of an arduous labour and proclamation through an array of successful movies such as “Grand Theft Auto” in the year 1977, Splash in the year 1982, Cocoon in 1985 and many more. Apart from this, Howard was also seen in a sequence of successful TV series such as Star Trek, The Fugitive and many more. Hence, Let us all dive into Howard’s ceremonious career and appreciate the illustrious journey which has led to this imperial net worth.

Clint Howard Net Worth 2018-2019

Born on the 20th of April in the year 1959 in the Burbank region of California, he was the youngest son of two famous actors Rance Howard and Jean Speegle Howard. Besides, he was also blessed with the fortune of an already established director cum elder brother Ron Howard. Howard too had chosen his career in the acting world from an early age of two in the famous sequel of “The Andy Griffith Show”.

He had schooled himself from the prestigious R. L. Stevenson Elementary in Burbank California itself. From the growing age itself, he had a keen interest in golf, which he practices till date in his leisure time. He is also known for having a mixed association of German, English, Scottish, Irish and Dutch ancestry.

Howard had stepped into the acting field at a very young age of two, in five celebrated episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. Besides, at the young age, he had also played distinctive roles in “The Streets of San Francisco” and “The Virginian”. At an age of four, in the year 1963, he had appeared in an episode of another TV series named “Breaking Point”. A year later, young Howard was again seen featuring in an episode of “The Fugitive”.

Howard’s career escalated since the year 1967 when he was signed for a routine series “Gentle Ben” in which he continued to appear till 1969. Henceforth, he had been a successful cast in popular series of “Rod Serling’s Night Gallery” and “The Red Pony”.

However, the present net worth of Clint Howard owes a major contribution to his various appearances in the highly appreciated series of Star Trek since the year 1966.

In the year 2003, Howard was again seen in the first episode “Key Decisions” of the series “Arrested Development”. Among all the diverse roles played by Howard, he had excelled in the creepy ones also. He was repeatedly spotted in the major episodes of many series such as “Married…with Children”, “Seinfeld”, and “My Name Is Earl”. Later that year, he was also welcomed as a guest star in the show entitled Heroes “I Am Sylar”.

His contribution in films had commenced with his debut in “The Courtship of Eddie Father” (1963). Howard’s vocal strength too had fetched him with immense appreciation in all the series of kids favorite “Winnie The Pooh”. Howard was also featured in sixteen movies directed by his brother namely, “Gung Ho”, “Backdraft”, “Parenthood”, “Far and Away”, “Apollo 13” and many more.

In the year 1998, Howard was graced with the “MTV Movie + TV Awards” which was also his first-lifetime achievement award. In the recent years, he had also won the prestigious Milano International Film Festival Awards (2014).

Clint Howard Net Worth

With pristine acting skills and a successful background of eminent actors, Howard was always glorified and appraised wit umpteenth love and recognition in the acting front. He was also well known as ‘Clint Eastwood’, as swayed by his fellow actors. Since a very young age, his contribution has always been appreciated on-screen which has led to the eventual net worth of Clint Howard to be $5 Million.

The 58-years old American actor has been stealing appreciation from the silver screen since a very young age. Having an active participation in many charitable organisations and a keen interest in golf and music, he has always been making the most of it. Presently, Howard is reported to appear in an unlabelled Han Solo Film under the direction of his elder brother Ron Howard.