Christopher Biggins Net Worth 2019

Who is Christopher Biggins and what is his net worth 2019? An English actor and TV presenter, Christopher Kenneth Biggins was born on 16 December 1948 in Oldham, Lancashire. He had his upbringing in the city of Salisbury. He was a regular at the elocutions and local drama groups.

Starting his TV career as a regular character Lukewarm in the comedy serial Porridge, Christopher appeared in many TV serials such as Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, etc. He became very famous for launching children shows such as ‘Surprise Surprise’, and ‘On Safari’.

Christopher Biggins Net Worth

Not much is available about his education. However, he took elocution lessons as a child in Salisbury. He took part in some local drama groups as well to hone his skills as a dramatist. Other than this bit of information, there is no mention of his qualifications anywhere on the internet.


He had an amazing run as a theater artist with roles such as The Baker in ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ and Herod in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, etc.

He has acted in some films as well such as The Sex Thief, Adventures of a Plumber’s mate, etc.

He had a booming voice. Hence, it is natural for him to spend some time on the radio as well. He co-presented the Sunday morning radio show on BBC with Leslie Joseph.

As far as his personal life was concerned, he was briefly in wedlock with Australian actor Beatrice Norbury from 1971 to 1974. However, he had an inclination towards homosexuality. He entered into an official gay relationship with British Airways worker, Neil Sinclair on 30 December 2005 at the Hackney Register Office.

Net Worth of Christopher Biggins

The exact net worth of Christopher Biggins is $1.5 million. Christopher was literally bankrupt in 1995 having filed a bankruptcy declaration. Subsequently, with the help of his bank, he regained his composure and paid off his debts gradually. The bank had offered him only one credit card and one bank account to maintain because of his bankruptcy. This inculcated financial discipline in Christopher and helped him recover. Subsequent to his bankruptcy, he started working again in TV, theater, and cinema. In 2016, he entered the Celebrity Big Brother House on 28 July. He has become an avid art collector as well.

In 1995, he declared voluntary bankruptcy. Subsequently, he recovered with some help from his bankers. Today, he is in a respectable position and has become an art collector as well. He owns a luxury house today designed by Piers Gough. Bought in 1984 for just GBP 50000, the house might be worth GBP 800,000. He has invested some money in bronze sculptures and paintings.

Christopher Biggins was a theater artist, to begin with. Subsequently, he moved on to television and started presenting TV shows and acting in some of them as well. He had a great sense of humor. His presentation of children programs on BBC TV led him to become typecast as a bubbly entertainer.

He played the role of Nero in the BBC version of Claudius in 1976. His highlighted achievement on TV was the winning of the seventh series of ‘I’m a Celebrity….Me Out of Here’ in 2007. In one of his noted roles, he played God in the BBC Puppet comedy show, Mongrels.

He entered the Celebrity Big Brother house on 28 July 2016 only to exit the house nine days later. There were complaints about Biggins making objectionable comments and remarks on the fellow participants.

A confirmed gay, he advocated same-sex marriage. In fact, he is in a registered live-in relationship with Neil Sinclair, a gay as well.

He is a great admirer of the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Though he does not have any political affiliations, he has always shown an inclination towards the Conservative Party.

He is still active on the TV scene. He does take part in the odd theater drama as well today.

Christopher Biggins is very vocal about gay rights and does not mince words on this subject. He has been an advocate of same-sex marriage. He had his share of controversies in the past because of his ill-conceived and ill-timed comments. However, he is a good TV presenter having presented numerous programs on BBC TV.