Chris Pontius Net Worth 2019

Who is Chris Pontius and what is his net worth 2019? Stuntmen are an important part of any film. You cannot expect a full-fledged hero to risk his life doing dangerous stunts. This brings stuntmen such as Chris Pontius into the equation. Born on 16 July 1974, Chris Pontius is not only a stuntman but an actor as well. He was an active member of the cast of Jackass. He had a prominent role to play in its spin-off, Wildboyz as well along with his colleague, Steve-O.

Chris Pontius likes to live life the fast way. He has a unique style of dressing. He likes to dress up as “Party Boy” in a bow tie and thong. Hence, this nickname, party Boy stuck to him. He has other aliases as well such as Chief Roberts, Roller Bobby, Garbage man, Strongman, and Bunny the Lifeguard.

Chris Pontius Net Worth

Early Life

Born in Pasadena, CA, Christopher Andrew Pontius loved skateboarding. You can see him often skateboarding at his family ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA. maybe he developed the adventure streak while skateboarding. He is a daring personality capable of carrying off any stunt with a great deal of ease. People love his trademark smile and sense of humour a lot. This made him the darling of the cast of Jackass.

He is an able writer as well, having written the script of Jackass, Jackass II, and Wildboyz. He has an ear for music as well. He plays in a rock-n-roll band. He has good writing skills too. This is evident from his books featuring his short stories, magazine writings, and artwork.

He married his long-time girlfriend Claire Nolan in 2004. The couple separated in 2013. They do not have any children.

Education: He had his initial schooling at the San Luis Obispo High School. Not much is available about his educational credentials anywhere on the internet. However, even during his schooling days, he was an avid skateboarder. He had this adventurous streak during his childhood. This made him decide to become a stuntman in movies.

Net Worth of Chris Pontius

Who says stuntmen do not earn much? One has to look at Chris Pontius’ earnings before commenting on the subject. His net worth is a cool $13 million making him one of the richest stars in Hollywood. His main source of income is from the stunts he performs in films and from the proceeds of the jackass shows.

He has a high net worth of $13 million US dollars. He has two houses in his name, one in Los Angeles, CA and the other in Tampa, Florida.

One of the highest paid actors, he owns a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Of course, we do not include the ranch at San Luis. It is an ancestral property.

He started working at a very young age. At 18, he joined the skate magazine, Big Brother. An act of indiscipline cost him his job in 1999. However, he returned to the magazine along with his jackass crew in 2000. His main role to fame has been the appearances in the Jackass series. He also played a part in the spin-off, Wildboyz.

Even though he was a stuntman first, he had a love for acting. He made a couple of forays into the acting world such as in Sofia Coppola’s ‘Somewhere’. He has also played roles in a couple of television serials such as Totally Busted, Raising Hope, and Loiter Squad, etc.

He has a couple of DVD’s in his name as well. He has given the voiceover for the video game, Jackass as well.

It might surprise many people that he was not on talking terms with his colleague Steve-O during the initial period in their partnership. Subsequently, they became good friends.

He and Steve-O attended WWE RAW at one time to promote their series Jackass. Armando Alejandro Estrada, a professional wrestler tried to provoke them stating that their stunts in the serial Jackass were just promotional acts and not at all real. He invited them to have a fight with a professional wrestler, Eddie Fatu, also known in WWE as Umaga. They lost the fight miserably.

Chris Pontius was in the news for some time because he had posed nude for the front cover of Playboy.

Stuntmen do have a great role to play in films. They risk everything, even their lives to perform and entertain the audience. It is to the credit of Hollywood film Industry that they take cognisance of this fact and pay handsomely. The $13 million worth Chris Pontius is one fine example of this fact.