Chris O’Donnell Net Worth

Chris O’Donnell is well known American actor who has been part of famous films like, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, and Scent of a Woman. He has also been in TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and The Company. Although he started modeling at the age of 13, he got his start from a Mc Donald’s commercial. He has won several awards for his acting and got nominated for Golden Globes too. The last movie he was seen in was A Little Help in 2010, after which he is quite active on television shows.

Christopher was born to William Charles O’Donnell, Sr. and Julie Ann Rohs von Brecht in Winnetka, Illinois. His father was of Irish origin and his mother had a mixed ancestry of German, Swiss and English. Chris’ family was Roman Catholic and therefore, he went to Roman Catholic Schools as a student. He later got graduated from Boston College in 1988 with Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Chris O’Donnell Net Worth 2017-2018

He has seven siblings that include four sisters and two brothers, and he is the youngest out of all. After he started modeling when he was 13, he continued until the age of 16 as he had begun shooting for commercials. He wanted to quit modeling and acting when he 17 and that is when he was offered his first movie in 1990.

Chris got married to Caroline Fentress in April 1997. The couple has five children- two daughters and three sons. His wife is an elementary school teacher. He is a family guy and likes to spend most of his time with family.

Chris shot his first Mc Donald’s commercial with Micheal Jordan. In 1986, he worked on his first television series was Jack and Mike. His first movie Men Don’t Leave was with Jessica Lange in 1990. He was bagged with back to back successful films in the early 1990s. His movies like Fried Green Tomatoes, School Ties, Scent of a Woman, Blue Sky and Circle of Friends made him a superstar.

This led him to be an important part of Batman Forever, in which he played Robin. It is also said that Chris was chosen by 20th Fox Century to play Jack Dawson in the blockbuster Titanic. But, as we all know, Leonardo DiCaprio got it.

In 1997, Batman & Robin brought him to a low point of his career as the move was criticized. In fact, he admitted that while working in it, he felt he was making a toy commercial. His next releases, Cookie’s Fortune, The Bachelor and Vertical limit were average performers at the box office. Around the same time, Chris was also considered for Spiderman’s lead role.

His next widely appreciated movie was Kinsey in the year 2004. Until 2008, he appeared in many TV series after which his movies Kit Kittredge: An American Girl and Max Payne came out. The successive year gave him the famous television action series NCIS: Los Angeles.

For his 1992 release, Scent of a Woman, Chris was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor for the Golden Globe Award, but won the Most Promising Actor award from Chicago Film Critics Association, for the same movie. In 1998, he won the Favorite Supporting Actor by Blockbuster Entertainment awards for Batman & Robin. For TV shows as well, he has won the 1994 Male Star of Tomorrow, ShoWest Award and 2015 Star of the Walk fame.

How much is Chris O’Donnel’s Net Worth in 2017

Chris has earned subsequent fame from television series such as Two and a Half Men, where he appeared in the episode- “An Old Flame with a New Wick” of 2004. He has played a lead role in Head Cases, a comedy-drama, but got canceled after 2 episodes. He has played a noticeable role in Grey’s Anatomy and miniseries, The Company as a significant CIA officer. Chris O’Donnell’s net worth, as of 2017 is $14 million US dollars.

Chris apart from acting is a keen golfer who fit in a number of clubs. He has also raised funds for the Motion Picture and Television by being part of a golf event in 2000. Chris has shifted from a financially rewarding and more stressful career to less highly paying segment with limited fame, but he says he intentionally stepped back from fame so he could spend quality time with his wife and kids. And this is why he considered A-List spouse.