Carl Weathers Net Worth

Who is Carl Weathers and what is his net worth 2018? Well, the world legendary players like Messy and Ronaldo took all the limelight of the game. In front of their popularity, the greatness and the versatility of other players always remained unknown and unnoticed. Carl Weathers belongs to one such player’s list. Let’s learn all about him. What he is doing now and how much is his net worth?

Born in 1948 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Carl Weathers is an American professional football player turned actor. His father was a day labourer. Now, you can assume the talents and the greatness of this person. Carl attended St. Augustine High School and later earned the degree of B.A. in Drama from San Diego State University. During his college days itself, he was an exceptional football player and played for big teams like Oakland Raiders and BC Lions. But by the end of his graduation, he was fully determined to excel himself in acting so he retired from football in 1973 and devoted himself completely to acting. By the time he has become a popular face so he didn’t have to bang much his head against the wall for landing the first role.

Carl Weathers Net Worth 2018-2019

1973 was a turning-point year for Carl Weathers. In this year, he stepped into acting and the same year he found his soul mate Mary Ann. He married Mary Ann Castle in 1973 but their marriage couldn’t last long and in 1983 they divorced. The marriage yielded two sons. Carl found his new love Rhona Unsell the next year itself.

He married her in 1984 and remained with her till 2006 before they parted their ways. At that time he was 58 years old but it didn’t take him long to make a lady fall for him. This time it was Jenifer Peterson. They got married in 2007 but like his previous marriages, this marriage failed too and they separated in 2009. Right now, he is probably single.

As a footballer, Carl had a wonderful career. In his seven year’s short career, he played for his college team and then turned a professional player. Before his retirement in 1974, he played total 18 games and impressed everyone. But his passion for acting drew him in glamour world in 1975 when he appeared in ‘Bucktown’ and ‘Friday Foster’.

This grand entry in silver screen helped him landing many big roles. Next year, he starred in ‘Rocky’ as Apollo Creed. This was the smash success for him. Thereafter, he went on giving hit after hit. His most hit movies include Predator, Happy Gilmore, Alien Siege, and The Comeback. He has also been featured in many TV shows.

Carl Weathers in an acclaimed personality in two different fields but he couldn’t win any major award so far. In 2014, he won BTVA Special/DVD Voice Acting Award which is probably the only award under his name. However, awards don’t define a person. It’s the journey from starting point to the destination that actually defines the real talent.

Carl Weathers Net Worth

Carl is a successful actor as well as a renowned footballer, so how much you assume his net worth? While making your guess, keep his age factor in mind. Well, let’s disclose his actual net worth figure. The actor is estimated to have a net worth of $9 million.

Acting is of course the primary source of his giant net worth. He alone made $2 million from Rocky series. His residential house in New Orleans, Louisiana depicts the lavish lifestyle of Carl Weathers. Considering his present involvement in acting, his net worth is expected to remain same in coming years.

Carl Weathers was a son of a day labourer and today he is an international star. Not only in one field but in two different fields he achieved the ultimate heights of success. He is a real inspiration for everybody. I must say Carl is a person who truly lived two different worlds.