Bruce Lee Net Worth

Bruce Lee- this name hardly needs any introduction. Who hasn’t heard his name and lauded his martial skills? In martial art, he had gone to the extent where no one else could reach. Even today his skills can’t be encapsulated rather he describes the whole martial art. Now, he is dead but his legacy is still alive and will always be. Today, let’s have a look at the never-fading legacy, unsurpassed skilled and mountainous net worth of Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee Biography

Born in 1940 in San Francisco, Bruce Lee was the most revered martial artist and an acclaimed American and Hong Kong actor and filmmaker. One year after his birth, his family had shifted to Hong Kong. Lee was born in a well-heeled family. His father Lee Hoi Chuen was an actor so he had got entry into the films at the age when other kids get enrolled in schools.

Bruce Lee Net Worth 2017-2018

He appeared in nearly 20 films as a child artist and became famous. In his teenage, acting, martial art, and his education went hand in hand and he managed everything perfectly. Since his childhood he had created turbulent troubles for Hong Kong police because of his killing fist so his father suggested him to head off to the US. At the age of 18, he went the US and then the rest is history which is not hidden to anybody. On 10th May, 1973, Bruce Lee died because of splitting headache and left the entire world saddened by his sudden demise.

After relocating to the US, Lee had enrolled himself in the ‘University of Washington’ to learn drama where he met the love of his life, Linda Emery. The couple had dated for some years and then got married in 1964. They were blessed with two children Brandon Lee and Shannon Lee. His son Brandon Lee who was an actor also died mysteriously in 1993 during the filming of ‘The Crow’. The death of Bruce Lee and his son has always been a matter of debate.

I wonder how to sum up the indescribable career of Bruce Lee in just one paragraph. Anyway, we can have an overview of it. Though Lee had started acting at 5 but his career actually began when he moved to the US. There he had opened some martial art schools and came in touch with the high-profile martial artists of US. It had made him an eye-catcher.

Soon, he had got an invitation by William Dozier for a role in his show ‘The Green Hornet’. He auditioned and bagged the role. Thereafter, he went on giving hit after hit shows and movies. With his indomitable martial art skills and unbeatable acting, he gained the stardom in Hollywood which no other Asian actor had achieved at that time.

See the irony of life a legend like Bruce Lee could win only one award over his career and that was ‘Special Jury Award’ in ‘Golden Horse Film Festival’. However, he received many tags and honors posthumously such as he received a star on the ‘Hollywood Star of Fame’ in 1993 and in 1996 he became first martial artist to be introduced in ‘Martial Arts Hall of Fame’. He also tagged as the ‘father of mixed martial art’ in 2004 by the UFC president Dana White.

Bruce Lee Net Worth

The actor and martial art icon has passed away but he has left a high-flown legacy behind which amuses the people even today and will always do. Other than his legacy, his net worth is also eye-catching. Bruce Lee is estimated to had a whopping net worth of $10 million in his last years. Before 50 years, it was really a huge amount. He had made such a giant net worth from the films and his martial art schools. His active involvement in Hollywood as well as Hong Kong film industry was a plus point for his rocketing net worth.

Can you believe the martial art legend underwent the only one formalized martial art training lasting only for five years? The training in those five years has made him an iconic star today. He was definitely involved in acting but today he is majorly remembered as the father of modern martial art.