Brian Dietzen Net Worth

Who is Brian Dietzen? What is net worth of Brian Dietzen? Brian Dietzen is an America-based actor who was born on November 14th, 1977 at Barrington, Illinois. He is known as for his character of Dr. Jimmy Palmer on NCIS. He had an interest in acting from his early days as he studied in an acting school. After that, he went to study theaters at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Bachelor of Arts program.

He has been in the industry since past 15 years and has gained a lot of recognition from his single TV show only. Though he has worked in several other TV shows, movies etc. but he came into limelight with NCIS only. You can yourself determine the love he is getting as he is the show for past 13 years performing the same character i.e. Dr. Jimmy Palmer. As he is 15 years old in the industry, he has a great fan following all around the world.

Brian Dietzen Net Worth 2017-2018

He has lots of followers on his social media accounts too. So most of them would have a question in their mind someday, that what will be the income this star is earning or what is his net worth. So to give an answer to all those followers, let’s just not waste more time and know about various aspects as well as about net worth of Brian Dietzen.

Brian Dietzen Net Worth

Brian has been working in the industry from last 15 years, he has worked in a lot of shows and movies and thus has fetched a good amount of money from his work. With it, Brian might have some brands that he endorses, which will definitely offer him good amounts to add into his accounts. However, the net worth that this actor is around $3 million US dollars as of 2017. Though the amount is really big for a normal person, but for a person who has been working in the entertainment industry for 15 years, it is still very low.

Brian Dietzen Assets

As we have told you above that the net worth of this actor is mere $3 million, it might be the possible reason that there isn’t any car listed on his name. He might be one of those persons who doesn’t spend money to buy luxuries and he may be the one who loves simple living. He doesn’t have any other assets that he can flaunt.

He lives in a house that is situated in Los Angeles, but there isn’t any information about the luxuries or comfort involved in that house. As he hasn’t spent anything on luxury items, it can be said that this star likes to save money for future endeavors.

Being in the entertainment industry for over a decade, this star hasn’t worked in too many films and shows, though, but the ones that he has worked in are all special. Here is the list of TV shows that he has worked till now.

• My Guide to becoming a Rockstar – This show was started in the year 2002 and Brian played the role of Owen in the show.

• Boston Public – This show also started in 2002 and he played David Caplan in the show.

• NCIS – Naval Criminal Investigative Service – This show gave him recognition and he is still playing the character of Dr. Jimmy Palmer in it.

• Hit factor – This show started in 2008 and he played a clerk in it.

• Perception- This show was started in 2013 and Brian played the character of Mark Leighton in the show.

These were the TV shows that he did, now let’s have a look at the films and TV movies that he did:

• From Justin to Kelly, in this movie, he played the character of Eddie and it was released in 2003

• Purgatory House, 2004 saw this movie, he played a ghost in it.

• Self-Inflicted, this movie was released in 2005.

• Nowhere to hide was released in 2009

• Every Second Counts was released in 2015

These were the films or TV movies that he has worked in.

Brian is a family man as he lives with his family in his Los Angeles house. Her Spouse name is Kelly Dietzen and he has two Children. He loves to spend a lot of time with his wife and his children and is seen together lots of times.

This was everything that one could have wanted to know about Brian Dietzen. His net worth is quite low but for a TV show star, it is pretty good and he will work on it to increase his net worth.