Brent Spiner Net Worth

Brent Spiner is an amazing and out-standing personality. His career has been a blend of marvelous acting, singing and comedy skills. Brent’s role in Star Trek gained a lot of fame and appreciation. Brent has also performed a lot of theatres at the start of his career. Brent Spiner’s estimated net worth is estimated to be $8 million US dollars. His amazing career as a musician has also added a lot to his net worth. Brent has something that makes him stand out of the crowd. Brent is a person whom people look up to. Brent has inspired many people and people love and respect him for his skills.

Brent Spiner Biography

Brent Jay Spiner was born on February 2, 1949 in Texas, USA. Brent is an American singer, actor and a comedian. Brent was born to Jewish parents. Brent’s father died when he was young and after his death Brent was adopted by his mother’s second husband. Brent went to Bellaire High School and graduated from the University of Houston. Brent was very active in college and also performed in the local theatre while he was in his college.

Brent Spiner Net Worth 2017-2018

Brent got married to Loree McBride and the couple has 1 child.

Brent started acting after moving to New York. Brent worked as a stage actor in New York and performed in many Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Brent has been a part of some of the leading shows of the industry like; the three musketeers, Sunday in the park with George, The advocated, the paper, Night Court, The twilight zone, Mama’s family, Rent Control, tales from the dark side and much more. Brent gained a lot of appreciation and fame when he was cast in the prominent show, Star Trek.

Brent was a part of this show for fifteen years. People appreciated his performance in this series and his fan following reached new heights. Brent also tried his luck with music and recorded a music album, Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Black. People loved Brent for his talent as a musician. Brent has made an appearance in many television series after star treks like; Deadly Games, Friends, Law & order, Criminal Intent, The big bang theory, the Aviator, Mad about you, dude and the list continues.

Brent has been appreciated a lot of his out-standing talent. Brent has been felicitated with many awards like the academy of science fiction award, Cinema Con and many more. Brent has received a lot of nominations for his work.

Brent Spiner’s net worth and income profile in 2017

Brent has done marvelous work in the field of music and acting. Brent gained a lot of fame because of the star trek series. People love him for his innovative and prolific acting skills. Brent has always proved that he is the best in almost every role. The estimated net worth of this celebrity is around $8 million US dollars as of 2017. His career as a musician has also given him a lot of fame. People love him in every role he did.

Brent Spiner is a great personality. Brent has always delivered amazing work to the industry. People appreciate him and he is an inspiration to many people. Brent has been a part of some of the amazing shows of the industry. Brent has appeared in almost all the shows that were famous among the 90’s kids.