Brendan Schaub Net Worth 2019

Who is Brendan Schaub and what is his net worth 2019? Brendan Schaub is well-known for his podcast, as an actor, and also a martial expert. He is very famous for his martial art skill and also a great fighter as well. He is known for his heavyweight lifting and has won several fighting matches and tournament. The net worth of Brendan Schaub is impeccably glorious and significant. Brendan achieved this net worth with dedication and passion. He is famously known by his other name like ‘Big Brown; The Hybrid’.

Early Life

Brendan Schaub is an American by birth and was born on 18 March 1983 in Colorado, United States. Brendan father was Peter Schaub and mother was Debra Schaub. He is born in a mixed culture of English, Italian, and German. He did his schooling from Overland High School and he was a good football athlete. Brendan did his graduation from Whitter College where he again used to play football and Lacrosse and was a qualified member of both the teams. After the end of his college, he used to play for Arena Football league with Utah Blaze.

Brendan Schaub Net Worth

Brendan Schaub is in a live in relationship with his girlfriend Joanna Zanella and in 2016, they together had their first child Tiger Pax Schaub.


Brendan started his career as a podcaster and used to host his podcast shows named as ‘Fighter and the Kid’. The podcast was telecasted all across the world and it got immense popularity and recognition from worldwide. It was Brandon’s special show which has featured special guest appearance as well like Bill Burr, 50 Cent, and many other well-known personalities. Brendan together with Bryan Clan hosts their podcast show and which reached millions of people. They both used to organise various tours and went for their live podcast tours in different major cities.

In 2016, Brendan first released his solo stand-up comedy at the Comedy Store.

In the year 2016, together Brendan and Bryan released their podcast show ‘The Fighter and the Kid’ in 3D version. The popularity of this podcast series became so enormous that it has surpassed all other popular shows with its rising popularity. It has said the series has ranked No 1 on the popular iTunes Store. At one time, the series went up so high over the internet that it was competing with the two popular series like ‘Game of Thrones’, and ‘keeping up with the Kardashians.

Both Brendan and Bryan used to host ‘Fight Companion’ podcast.

Finally, in 2016, Brendan released his first own solo podcast ‘Big Brown Breakdown’. This podcast was officially released on the iTunes Store, reaching the top position over all.

Brendan has also exhibited his talent in acting as well and appeared in shows and films like ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, ‘The Fighter and the Kid’, and ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’.

Apart from podcasting, Brendan is well-known athlete as well and who has excel in Wrestling, BJJ, Weightlifting, and Boxing. He was in the finalist and runner-up of ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights’. He was the first heavyweight to finish a UFC match.

Another success to his career, he remained undefeated in his first bouts and as a result, he won in the Knockout round.

Brendan Schaub Awards and Achievements

• Brendan has accomplished one time the title for the Ring of Fire as a heavyweight champion.

• At the Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweight, Brendan was a finalist.

• Brendan has accomplished one time to acquire a place in the Knockout of the Night.

Net Worth of Brendan Schaub

Brendan Schaub is a versatile man who has performed well in podcasting, as a stand-up comedian and also as a heavyweight champion. He has achieved success and profit in both the hands by exhibiting his skill and talent in both the fields. There was no question of stopping and looking back for Brendan as his victory was so near in every aspect. It is estimated that his net worth is about $3.5 million approximately.

Brendan a renowned personality in the podcasting and wrestling industry has achieved his goal significantly with honour and appreciation from worldwide. He is a perfect example and a source of inspiration for many youths.